Betsy works mostly with Proactively Visionary, Eternally Curious & Monetarily Intentional WOMEN.

In other words…Betsy serves those who are Holy Pioneers of Life-Well-Lived, those who are not afraid to take Benevolent Risks & those who are freely willing to self-invest in order to raise themselves consciously into greater depths of Spiritual Wakefulness.

A man gradually gets to know the whole surrounding world; gradually he learns that everywhere around him there are spiritual beings, that all the time he is actually walking through them. He realizes this through his feeling, his perception. He learns to recognize what surrounds us in the three kingdoms of nature, learns about the beings in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. Then as he goes about in meadows and woods, through the ploughed fields and open country, he experiences it all in a different way from the man who knows nothing of what spiritual science can tell.
— Rudolf Steiner


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*Photo by Haris Delibasic