Deep Seeing


"You are your own Sacred Geometry. Keep unfolding into yourself. Keep flowing into your vastness. Even when it feels difficult, keep reaching out for the next hand of a more authentic version of yourself, for it is in the unfurling that we actually find our center. And if you feel stuck, know that even the heart pauses between beats. A drummer can only create rhythm by tuning in to the sacred silence between the sound. A child can only come into form in the presence of the Original Parents: Sound and Silence."

-Betsy Huljev

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*Recommended for women who desire to LIFT the fog of Vague by AWAKENING to their oracular capacity, their own source of inner authority, & the joy of full body BEING. Especially recommended for pregnant & newly-initiated mothers needing to process fear, anxiety, deep sadness, or overwhelm in a more non-verbal setting.

Experience the healing balm of DEEP SEEING (Dadirri). Enter the Dream Chrysalis. Profoundly see yourself. Unravel trauma. Excavate inner truth. Deeply relax. Integrate life lessons. Reclaim your joy, discover your Sacred MotherLover SELF, & rebirth your Love for life on the planet. Honor the emotional body by listening wholeheartedly to the inner landscape of the physical body. Experience grief & gratitude. Deepen into Sacred & Conscious Relationship. LIVE & MOVE from your sensual, sacred, & supernatural core. Transform pain into love. Let go. Love yourself.

In my experience, Deep Seeing sessions tend to take on collective themes. They are always uniquely crafted for the person(s) in the session, but the following overarching themes seem to be up for healing specifically related to the Modern Birthing Culture:

  • Womb Healing & Clearing
  • Introspective Childbirth Preparation
  • Birth Story Healing & Trauma Release
  • Sexual Healing & Shame Release
  • Sacred Partnership & Sexual Deepening
  • Conscious Conception
  • Birthing the Mother/Lover Archetype

Sessions run 2 hours | $200 |  Available In-Person & via SKYPE

I share this with you because it may be helpful as you set the intentions for our time together. Still needing clarity?

Check out the Dadirri video to feel into the Ancient Aboriginal foundation of DEEP SEEING or BOOK a Complimentary EXPLORATORY call for further inquiry.

Read what people are saying about Deep Seeing...

"Such a beautiful session. I felt in touch with the deepest parts of myself, owning them, becoming and accepting my womanhood. I was able to relive being in my mom's womb and seeing how deep our connection was even then. Such a beautiful gift going to Betsy and experiencing everything that I did then. While it's hard to describe it in words, it's one of the most incredible things I have ever done. I am not only more confident with my body and my being, I feel so empowered to be in touch with my womb and my womanhood. Liberating and empowering!"

-Vanessa B.

"Betsy is a beautiful soul. Her deep intuition, supportive listening,  and gentle honesty have been deeply healing for me as I recover body and soul from a traumatic marriage...helping me to reconnect with my inner strength and inspiration. Thank you so much!"


"Betsy has a gift and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to bear witness to her magic. I could not recommend Betsy more highly. There is something in her that bridges the gap between worlds, she holds both beautifully in her hands."

-Mary C.

"Deep Seeing with Betsy is an opportunity to deeply heal and restore. Betsy holds space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings as they emerge, and to follow the symbols that your mind presents. Our sessions together unfolded organically, allowing energy pathways to open and restoring flow to blocked channels. When engaging in these sessions, my subconscious spoke to me in new ways, offering the opportunity to deepen my spiritual practice, heal old wounds, grow, and transform."


"Deep Seeing with Betsy felt like a combination of all the best parts of guided meditation, healing touch, counseling, and savasana at the end of yoga class...Betsy helped me peel back layers of gunk to find the truth about what I was feeling and then guided me on a visualization journey towards healing. I left feeling refreshed, alive, and more confident. Thank you Betsy!"