SIGE | Cosmic Earth Mystery School


SIGE | Cosmic Earth Mystery School | *For Proactively Visionary & Financially INtentional Women

It’s time to tap into PURE MAGIC again… It’s time to step into FULL visibility… It’s time to SHINE your Light… It’s time to transmute DISPAIR into the Elixir of Life & AWAKEN the GREAT BIRTHER archetype withIN… where life is Ecstatic Flow & Grace…

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This is a 10 month INitiatory Experience that you can ENROLL into at any time…

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  • The 1st 8 weeks of the Mystery School EXPERIENCE is an INitiatory Processional called Miracle Codes & provides the 1st of 4 INitiations: Trial by Water

    The PROMISE of this portion of the Inner Quest is to release the MARTYR/SABOTEUR Archetype & fully awaken the MUSE & GARDENER Archetypes withIN…

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  • The following 8 months will be devoted to Eden Codes, a continuation of the Sacred Journey & Deeper Quest INto the heart of your Eternal matter; this part of the Remembrance Process provides the remaining 3 INitiations: Trials by Fire, Air & Earth…the PROMISE of Eden Codes is to fully awaken the SHAPESHIFTER, GREAT BIRTHER & STORYTELLER Archetypes withIN

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What you will RECEIVE…

🌹18 Transmissional TEMPLE SLEEPS (Activational Guided Meditations) that serve as Energy Fitness Pioneering & Slow-Drip SELF made Medicine to strengthen your Spiritual Senses & Rebirth your connection to the Higher Realms of Knowledge: INtuition, ImagINation, INstinct & INspiration

🌹10 Embodied SACRED TASK videos to nourish Sacred Union withIN

🌹Bi-weekly (twice a month) 1 hour Topical Mastery Classes to nurture Synergy, Synchronicity, & Savory Contemplation of running themes withIN the group

🌹4 x 21 day INitiatory Challenges throughout our time together (Specifics for each Challenge will be announced once you are settled INto the Experience, but will align to 4 different elemental INitiations: Water, Fire, Air & Earth)

🌹Secret Facebook Group for communing, sharing resources & deepening the dialogue

🌹Shamanic SELF-Symbology Scribble Art Series Experience

🌹Supplemental PDF’s for your Reading & Viewing Pleasure

🌹Full Access to my general public paid series COSMIC CHRONICLES: Immaculate Conception👉🏽These are 2 hour Mastery Classes that take place on Summer Solstice/Fall Equinox/Winter Solstice/Spring Equinox & each New Moon (13 lunar cycles) & will unveil the Lost Art of Immaculate Conception {full series valued at $5600}

🌹5 Q&A Group Video Calls via Zoom

🌹5 Special Quest Video “Appearances” to cultivate an Inspired Understanding of the Archetypal Energies that we are nourishing withIN throughout this Mystery School experience: Muse/Gardener/Great Birther/Shapeshifter/Storyteller

🌹Special Gifted Rate of $333 for Private DEEP SEEING Support Sessions (2 hours each & normally $555) throughout the 10 month experience

🌹Exclusive Invitation to a Luscious Retreat at the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA Summer 2020 where you will experience a Full ON Divine Remembrance, Sacred Restoration & Cosmic Earth Rebirth | *Tuition from this Experience may be rolled over into the Tuition for the BOSNIA Retreat {more details to come…}

🌹Surprise Sacred GIFTS sprinkled throughout the experience🎁

Total Tuition: $5555

Self-INvest in FULL by May 1st, 2019 & Receive a GIFTED 4 x (2 hour) Private ‘DEEP SEEING’ Support Sessions valued at $2220!

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*Tuition BALANCE of $4444 due by June 15th, 2019

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*2 equal payments of $3000 for a total of $6000 | 1st payment by May 1st, 2019 & the 2nd payment by December 21st, 2019

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If you are desiring more information before making a decision, feel free to reach out to schedule a Complimentary Call to clarify any details.

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