Placenta Readings

Placenta Reading .png

Tune in to the vast intelligence of the Placenta...

Dive into the majestic & vast original medicine of the placenta through a deeply potent placenta reading. Discover what this miraculous spiritual organ, the physical & energetic connection to the great mother, needs you to know as you unfurl into your Parent Self! Awaken your Oracular nature within, listen to your child's unique soul song, connect with ancestral wisdom, commune with you & your child's kindred spirit guides, gather soul symbols, & unravel new knowing that will serve your sacred parenting path & passionate purpose.

*Placenta Readings can be done in the presence of any form of the placenta including but not limited to: raw placenta, placenta capsules, placenta prints, placenta art, placenta tincture, or placenta photographs.

Sessions run 1.5 hours | $150 |  Available In-Person & via SKYPE | Additional Travel Surcharges for 10+ miles away