Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Capsules Image.png

Your very OWN Placenta Medicine...

Balance. Healing. Enhancement. Clarity

The perfect supplement made by your body for your body! Your placenta provides tailor-made:

  • Iron Therapy
  • Fatigue and “Baby Blues” Prevention
  • Immunology
  • Lactation Enhancement
  • Postpartum Hormone Balance
  • Pain Threshold Enhancement
  • Progressive Healing
  • Less Postpartum Bleeding & Cramping
  • Mother & Baby Bonding Harmony
  • Intuitive & Emotional Body Medicine
  • Mother Roasting/Organ Warming
  • Energetic Birth Trauma Healing
  • Ancestral Knowledge
  • Intuition Activation

Today, more and more mothers are raising the standards for iron supplementation, lactation enhancement, hormone balance, and fatigue prevention by encapsulating their placentas.

This is an ancient practice that is being brought back to life in our modern birth culture. Research is building to support the fact that consuming your placenta is one of the most efficient ways to naturally and organically balance your body, mind, & spirit after birth.

What has long been considered “after-birth” in our culture is now being recognized for its treasure trove of iron content, immunology, and hormone replacements...among many other qualities.

Postpartum fatigue has been very closely linked to postpartum depression. Placenta encapsulation offers you the added benefit of prevention! What a precious gift!

Step Outside of the Box!

Ancient Chinese medicine and placenta now come together to provide you with a perfectly tailor-made iron therapy, breastfeeding enhancer and immune booster!

Every woman’s body is unique. Pharmaceutical companies cannot tailor the perfect supplement for your body post birth, however the brilliance of your body combined with the intelligence of the placenta offers up a practical & energetic postpartum support, enhancing your overall experience as a mother becoming!

As we embrace what studies are offering up to us, we learn that to waste this special organ is to shut the door on an opportunity to find postpartum balance.

In the new birth paradigm where old ideas transformed into new are key, let us not dismiss this iron rich, fatigue preventing, energetic medicinal option!

Indulge yourself! Love yourself! Encapsulate!


  • Through traditional Chinese medicinal practices, your placenta will be lovingly tended and encapsulated to honor your sacred rite of passage into motherhood
  • *Raw Method is available upon request
  • Your placenta will be encapsulated in your home within 72 hours of your birth
  • Simply call me once the birth has taken place so that I can prepare for the encapsulation
  • I arrive at your home and gently enter your space to perform the encapsulation
  • I provide all supplies and equipment and prepare and clean the space before and after
  • The first part of the process takes about 3 hours and involves preparing the placenta for steaming and dehydration, making placenta prints, tincture, and cord wrapping
  • The placenta is sacredly & lovingly tended, washed, prepared, and enhanced with ginger and myrrh through a light steaming process
  • Your placenta and cord dehydrate overnight
  • I return the following day to encapsulate your placenta…this takes about 2 hours


  • Supplies
  • Placenta prints
  • Tincture
  • Cord Wrapping
  • Time and Travel
  • $250
  • Additional travel surcharge 10+ miles away (Additional surcharge beyond 30+ miles away)

**This offering is only available to Birth Sherpa Clients**

Betsy is a placenta encapsulation specialist, trained through PBI (Placenta Benefits Ltd.), & has performed over 100 in-home encapsulations.

*Betsy invites you to be as present & hands-on as you desire to be with the entire process. You may wish to be physically a part of the experience, or you can enjoy the gentle sounds of the process unfolding in your kitchen from a far. Children are welcome to watch & discover the magical process for themselves.