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Explore Spiritual Science. Get Curious. EMANATE.

Come and sit with me in the SUN of Spiritual Science as we explore the Higher Realms of Knowledge. These INSPIRED CLASSES are designed to help you form a New Conception of Reality that supports a greater Depth of Soul & Breadth of Space in your day to day unfoldings. In other words, more ‘Oooos, Ahhhhs & Ahas!’ Consider this experience to be a tall glass of Soul Milk that serves to nourish your understanding of HOW to keep REVERENTLY showing up in life, even when it feels hard. Learn the simple secrets of HOW to extract Super-sensible Strength & Spiritual Sustenance from the endless challenges of everyday living so that you can walk out your Spiritual Destiny with renewed Devotion, Perseverance & Sanctitude.
— Betsy Huljev

Create a stronger connection to your sense of Inner Warmth & initiate INTRINSIC Healing

A *New Medicinal Mythodology* to enhance your innate BIOLUMINESCENCE.


The following classes are virtual & facilitated monthly on every new moon

Contemplate through the lens of Spiritual Science & Experience the following CONCENTRATIONS:

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Understanding Pain

Monday, October 28th 2019 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding SOUL

Tuesday, November 26th 2019 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding SPIRIT

Thursday, December 26th 2019 | 12-1pm EST



Understanding IMAGINATION

Friday, January 24th 2020 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding INSTINCT

Sunday, February 23rd 2020 | 12-1pm EST



Understanding INTUITION

Tuesday, March 24th 2020 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding INSPIRATION

Thursday, April 23rd 2020 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding INITIATION

Friday, May 22nd 2020 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding SACRIFICE

Sunday, June 21st 2020 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding DESTINY

Monday, July 20th 2020 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding DESIRE

Wednesday, August 19th 2020 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding BELONGING

Thursday, September 17th 2020 | 12-1pm EST


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Understanding BEHOLDING

Friday, October 16th 2020 | 12-1pm EST


Spiritual Science is a LIVING BREATHING WISDOM grounded in Reverence for Nature, Devotion to Sanctified Human Connection & Enduring Commitment to Consciously Rise into Greater Depths of Spiritual Awareness. As a Spiritual Scientist, one comes to ‘responsibly’ KNOW drop into the Holy of Holies within & work to explore without harming anything or anyone in the process. By conscientiously weaving a golden thread between the sensible & the super-sensible worlds, the tangible & the intangible, one awakens the Spiritual Senses that support the EMBODIMENT of actualizing Spiritual Destiny without push, force or blind faith. Spiritual Science is Restored Educational Gnosis that emerges from the union of Science, Art, Medicine & Sanctity. This Elixir of LIFE does not ask the student to rush the process of BEHOLDING their inner life, but instead organically encourages the student to ripen & mature in the Sun of Inspiration, Intuition, Instinct & Imagination.
— Betsy Huljev

*These classes are presented in a LIVE format & will be recorded for your RE-listening pleasure.


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$88 per class {Drop-IN}


$888 {Annual Membership Option} + ongoing Contemplative Group Forum

Bundle Rate of $74 per class

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