Bosnian Pyramid EXPERIENCE


The GREAT WORK is at hand for those who have the eyes to SEE it, the ears to HEAR it & the bodies to FEEL it.

A Return to INNOCENCE is the Key to the next phase of Human Evolution. To become like a Child & enter the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

Come PLAY with me in Holographic EDEN. Bask in Fragrant REMEMBRANCE. Recalibrate your SENSEual Body. Lay against the Great Mother & Partake of her REPLENISHING Nectar. Wade in the Waters of Eternal Love.

This Luxurious & Succulent PRIVATE/INTIMATE RETREAT will have you Sleeping on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, Immersing IN Sacred Waters, Communing with Mother Gaia, Experiencing DEEP SEEING™ & Luxuriating in Divine REMEMBRANCE.


The Bosnian Pyramid Complex is a PORTAL like no other with many stories to tell us.


The SACRED land oozes of Vast Intelligence & Miraculous INNOCENCE.


Some of the Medicine the “Valley of the Pyramids” provides includes, but is not limited to:

🌹Heal War imprint programming.
🌹Romance your DNA.
🌹Elevate your Spiritual Senses.
🌹Belong deeply to the EARTH. 
🌹Align to the Golden Age WithIN. 
🌹Stretch FULLY into your Energy Field...

& REMEMBER Who You Are❤️…with me as your Holy Witness.

This EXPERIENCE will be a complete & total REBIRTH of SIGHT.

This is a EXCLUSIVE 7 day Luxury Retreat Experience that includes:

  • Luscious Room & Board at the PYRAMID LODGE on top of the Pyramid of the SUN

  • Organic Local High Frequency Food/Juicy/Smoothies

  • Pyramid WATER (Sacred Geometrical Structure withIN the water that crosses between Eternity & Love)

    *The Sacred Otherworldly Waters of the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids contain a selective purity & provide a technological feature rich with Divine INformation & Healing Properties.

    The High Vibratory characteristics & Celestial qualities create an Astral Bridge to higher dimensional beings & Pure Light Language.

Luminous plasma orbs are often present to share Violet Light & Sacred Geometrical Medicine, & enhance bioelectrification throughout the human body.

The ‘Electrum Water’ is “the ancient alloy comprised of colloidal gold and silver that incorporates the ductile properties of the two precious metals while being inert…the suspended gold and silver nanoparticles are highly reflective of light and sound alike, vastly increasing the resonant characteristics of the human body.”

A human body fueled by sacred electrum waters undergoes of quantum shift in its electrical nature. The enhanced electrical conductivity and desalination of the body imbues the being with the resonant properties of quartz, the very concept conveyed through the crystal skull symbolically. Sacred electrum waters were the key element in the body purification processes for which the pyramids of the world were designed.
— Alexander Putney | Human Resonance
  • Private Tours (with a focus on the Spiritual Essence) of the Pyramid of the SUN, Pyramid of the MOON, Pyramid of LOVE, Pyramid of Dragons, Temple of MOTHER EARTH, the Ginje Mound & the Stone Spheres

  • Journey to the Healing Forest & Air Spa

  • DEEP SEEING™ on location &/or at Pyramid Lodge; this is a Unique Technology of REMEMBRANCE that Betsy uses to help you ROMANCE your DNA & Upswell INto LOVE & INNOCENCE.


Sacred places and landscapes are created and evolve through human acts. While these places may reflect the cosmological organizing principles of society, they are not merely cosmograms but dynamic, complex landscapes created as settings for the reenactments of mytho-historical narratives.
— Deborah L. Nichols, an anthropologist

This is an OPPORTUNITY of a Lifetime to AWAKEN latent DNA, Heal Epigenetic Trauma, Touch IN to Life before the “Race Paradigm,” & ACTIVATE your CosmicEarth CHANNEL.


You will not only RECEIVE personal Healing & Transformation, but you will play an important part in the Re-ENVISIONING of Cultural Inheritance by Purifying & Tonifying your SENSUAL Spirit, thus participating in Vast Ancestral Healing.

Cultural Inheritance...was learned from one generation to the next via an organic transmission using ‘gemmules,’ particles found in the body that ended up in the gonads, then transmitted to offspring via conception. The new generation would be carrying cellular ‘knowledge’ of the prior generation via these gemmules, and thus continue the traits and characteristics of the parental line.”
— Viral Mythology

The PROMISE of this Initiatory Experience is that you will RE-MYTH your Life, & the Ripple Effects will BE nothing other than MIRACULOUS.

You will be S T R E T C H E D farther than you ever have before…and the results will be MEGALITHIC, recalibrating the MonoMyth on behalf of ALL Humanity.

REACH OUT via Private Message to BOOK this EXPERIENCE for yourself!

August 2019 (Dates TBA)

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50% Non-refundable DEPOSIT

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