EXPLORE Spiritual Science.

Come to KNOW Higher Worlds.

MEET the “Guardian of the Threshold.”

AWAKEN to the Celestial Realms of Knowledge & FULFILL Your Cosmic Earth Destiny.
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Where: Bosnian Pyramid Valley | Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Stay at the Pyramid Lodge on top of the Pyramid of the Sun

When: Occurring during Every Summer Solstice & Fall Equinox

  • June 14th-22nd, 2020

  • September 20th-28th, 2020

Capacity: 12 Participants

Contemplative Components:

  • Early Morning (8am)“Tunnel” MEDITATIONS

  • Late Evening (8:30pm) Private “Tunnel” CONCENTRATIONS in the dark

  • Mid Morning (10-11am) Readings & CONTEMPLATIONS with a focus on the following topics each day:

    • Day 1: How to Know Higher Worlds | Rudolf Steiner

    • Day 2: Astrosophy & the New Relationship of the Human Being to the Starry Cosmos | Willi Sucher

    • Day 3: The New Isis Mystery & Initiation | Rudolf Steiner

    • Day 4: Love & the Evolution of Consciousness | Karen Rivers

    • Day 5: The Lower Guardian of the Threshold | Rudolf Steiner

    • Day 6: Group Readings | Provided by each Retreat Attendee

    • Day 7: The Greater Guardian of the Threshold | Rudolf Steiner

    • Day 8: Cosmic Earth Mystery School | Betsy Huljev

Experiential Components:

  • Day 1: Late afternoon (3pm-5pm) Walk to the Top of the Pyramid of the Sun & Silent CONCENTRATION

  • Day 2: Late afternoon (3pm-5pm) Visit to the Tumulus & Silent CONCENTRATION + Special Guest Haris Delibasic (Over Dinner | Bosnian Pyramid Valley INTRODUCTIONS)

  • Day 3: Late afternoon (3pm-5pm) Quest to the Temple of the Mother Earth & Silent CONCENTRATION

  • Day 4: Intuitive Herb Walk (3pm-5pm) on the side of the Pyramid of the Moon & Silent CONCENTRATION + Moon Water Gathering & Spiritual Bath Making on the roof (7-8pm)

  • Day 5: Late afternoon (3pm-5pm) Visit to the Pyramid of the Dragons & Silent CONCENTRATION + Spiritual Bathing in the Forest Cathedral

  • Day 6: Free Day to explore tunnels & shops/labyrinth/park/etc.

  • Day 7: Late afternoon (3pm-5pm) Journey to the Pyramid of Love & Silent CONCENTRATION

  • Day 8: Morning Gathering/Closing Ceremony + Head Home

Additional Components:

Every morning at 7am we depart for the “Tunnel” MEDITATIONS

Every afternoon from 12:30-2pm Betsy will be available for Private DEEP SEEING Sessions ($333 USD additional cost)

Every day at 2:30pm we meet in the lobby to depart for the Daily Pyramid Valley Journey/Silent CONCENTRATION

Every evening 7-8pm (with exception of Day 4) in the Meditation Room there will be an opportunity to gather to discuss/process the unfolding day + Scribble Art “Self-Symbology” Integration & STORYTELLING

Every evening at 8:15pm we depart for the Private “Tunnel” CONTEMPLATIONS in the dark

On request, Private Birth Chart Readings can be arranged with Haris Delibasic ($150 USD additional cost)

On request, Private Massage & Body Care can be arranged at additional cost


Breakfast will be buffet style and provided within the main dining area from 7-9am

Lunch is al la carte & at your own leisure in the main dining area from 11am-2pm

Dinner will be served on the roof each evening (farm to table style) from 5:30pm-7pm

*Fresh fruit/nuts/healthy snacks/tea are always available on the roof

**Fresh Organic Juices & Smoothies are available at the Tunnels for additional cost (morning/afternoon only)

COST per person:

Retreat Experience: $3333

Room Charge for 7 Nights (single): $555

Food Charge for 8 Days: $300

Airport Taxi: $50

Total Cost: $4238

Cost Per Couple:

Retreat Experience: $4444

Room Charge for 7 Nights (double): $676

Food Charge for 8 Days: $600

Airport Taxi: $50

Total Cost: $5770


  • We highly encourage you to arrive 1-2 days prior to the retreat event to settle in, recalibrate to the new time, & heal “jet-lag.” If you would like to add this integration time onto your retreat, we can arrange the additional room & board/Food cost/Taxi service to and from tunnels at additional cost.