The Great Work

Grief & Gratitude: "Podcast Epiphany"

Artifact from the BOSNIAN PYRAMID COMPLEX in Bosnia i Herzegovina

Artifact from the BOSNIAN PYRAMID COMPLEX in Bosnia i Herzegovina

This BLOG is a crystallized manifestation of my devotion to Anthroposophy, Spiritual Science & a RE-MEMBERED Golden Age WithIN.

kar - as kar - as upama

[Workings, workings…(of) the highest]

This is yet another Supernatural facet of THE GREAT WORK created to cultivate a stronger Inner Connection to Higher Faculties of Wisdom & to nourish the Clairvoyant powers of ImagINation, INtuition, INstinct & INspiration that are the Sacred Building Substances & Awakening Elixirs for Dormant Spiritual Organs withIN.

For those who have the EYES to SEE it, the EARS to HEAR it & the BODIES to FEEL it, the time has come to truly awaken our Clairvoyant Capacities as we prepare our Holy Vessels to receive & emit more light = THE GREAT WORK.

It has become crystal clear that this process of nurturing our INnate Bioluminescence cannot be rushed, but little by little THE WORK is done on behalf of the Evolution of Humanity.

As the great poet Rumi once said:

Work. Keep digging your well. Don’t think about getting off from work. Water is there somewhere. Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that is a ring on the door. Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who’s there.

This BLOG is a grounding & RE-earthing of all that has led me & many others to RE-cognizing the SACRED in the seemingly mundane & RE-birthing our 4 fold Human Being (Physical/Etheric/Astral/Spirit) in the Divine Fluids of AWE & MAJESTY.

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Me by the Adriatic Sea in Primosten CROATIA Summer 2018

Me by the Adriatic Sea in Primosten CROATIA Summer 2018

While listening to

THE GREAT WORK PODCAST: ALL THINGS WOMB CONSCIOUSNESS Episode #4: Womb Grief as a Sacred Apprenticeship

with my Divine Guest Anabel Vizcarra, I had an E P I P H A N Y & I was brought to the Body Memory & Slow Release Medicine of this image.

Here I was sitting by the Adriatic Sea on the Dalmatian Coast of my 2nd home in Primosten CROATIA this past summer.

The Sun, Sea & Rock were viscerally & visibly speaking to my Being.

My whole body was vibrating with Solar Love & Sensual Sanctuary, and yet there was a bitter-sweet fragrance in the air.

Through this "Podcast Epiphany" NEW KNOWING came into my existence that was seeded in the Feeling-Memory of this captured moment.

What one feels when by the sea or ocean is the fractal line or lay line where the GRIEF and GRATITUDE of the planet freely collide, providing instantaneous REMEMBRANCE, visceral FORGIVENESS & liberation of the SOUL.
— Betsy Huljev

In Primosten, the rocks are crystal laden (on any beach, the sand or stone incorporates crystals or minerals of some sort).

Primosten CROATIA

Primosten CROATIA

The elemental communion of the water splashing against & caressing the "listening" rocks is FREEDOM at it's finest because this Sacred Union of the elements free's up "neutral" ions that then partner with other ions to create a Negative Charge, which produces more Negative Ions that "stimulate our senses...& promote alpha brain waves...which results in a higher awareness level."

So while sitting by the sea or ocean, we are experiencing the Vast Intelligence of the Divine Union of fluid movement & firm penetrating mineralized memory. Sea & Stone. Grief & Gratitude.

The Conscious Grief shapes & softens the Concept-Memory and the aroma of GRATITUDE fills the belly with FEELING-MEMORY that changes the trajectory of the Inner Life & imbues the SOUL with Deep Meaning.

So why am I telling you this?

First, head on over & tune IN to the podcast because it might just shift something withIN your Inner Life in such a way that you EXPERIENCE the transformation you have been seeking &…

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Second, there is more to the story…

Shortly after experiencing this "podcast epiphany," spirit guided me to visit a local thrift store.

Literally I heard, "go there NOW!"

I had not thought of this place in eons.

So I arranged to get myself to this place ASAP.

I entered the store & there right by the entrance was an OLD BOOK with a copyright of 1903.

It was entitled "The Better Way" by Charles Wagner & was translated from French into English.

I bought the book immediately & left the store, as I knew instantly that this was the reason spirit had guided me to this place.

I opened the book once in my car and read this:

PASSIVE GRIEF: There is a passive suffering that aggravates grief and contaminates it, just as a neglected wound becomes mortified.

Be on your guard against it. Accept active suffering, which is suffering transformed into a moral impetus.

It is not well that a sorrow should become the dominant note in a life; paralysis or dementia must result from it...

Whatever is without curb or law becomes inevitably an agent of destruction.

Let us face our griefs and put them in their place.

Work is an excellent counterpoise for grief, but it does not of itself suffice.

If you neglect, or suppress, or smother your heart by plunging into ceaseless activity you fail in your duty toward yourself.

A grief has a right to our attention: we should give it its due, heed its lessons; but we should find an element to counterbalance it, to help maintain our equilibrium.

What strength do I not get from the remembrance of my mother's courage under her many trials!

What would have become of her if she had taken to her bed with her sorrows? She would have died of melancholy.

Grief without work engenders legions of harmful thoughts.

It delivers us up to fears and dark presentiments that are worse than any misfortune.

If need be, go work the roads, but do not stagnate in your sorrow.

If the dead could speak to us they would give this counsel.

Let us honor them in our accomplishment; and let us mourn them on our feet, diligent about some worthy business...

Ask hope to come to you, and human tenderness, with faith.

Invite God to visit you, and all the friendly powers.

Then those whom you weep will be with you.

Fill your soul with the spectacle and take the memory of it away with you.

Then when you breathe the stifling air of the great cities, of the crowded theatres, of sick-rooms, or the poisonous miasma in which diplomats sit in council, churchmen shape their plots, money-makers count their stakes, pendants prate, and fools parade, shut your eyes and return here in spirit.

It will revive will draw wholesome lessons from it that will put you back into your place...

Three-fourths of our work is done within us...every worker in the world ought three-fore to habituate himself to sojourns in the desert, to which he should return ever and again to seek inspiration, to renew his armor, to listen to the voice of silence, and to let the waves aroused by the storm of strife roll unfelt across the quiet deeps of the world within.


This book is NOW teaching me something new.

One, something as simple as following spirit and discovering a book = a Next Best Step on this Path of LOVE, revealing yet more depths regarding healthy expressions of pain, suffering & GRIEF that lead to life-giving GRATITUDE, another important element of Sacred Prosperity.

Two, SYNCHRONICITY & EPIPHANY are mighty miraculous Sign Posts that the Divine is Alive & Well withIN.

Lastly, the Sacred Union of Grief + Gratitude = an Inner Environment ripe with INspiration, imagINation, INtuition & INstinct…the portals to the Realms of Higher Knowledge that lead us to the Promised Land withIN & without.

Here is an INvitation to EXPERIENCE viscerally what I am speaking of:

Vast Gratitude Anabel Vizcarra for this INcredible “time out of time” where you delivered such profound wisdom to #thegreatworkpodcast. I am in AWE of you. The Fertile Goodness that WE created INspired me to follow my INstinct & INtuition to finally birth my BLOG, which up until this point was gestating withIN my imagINation. And of course this birth required that I allow the labor pains of grief to open & soften my heart. Deep Bow to you my Divine Sister.

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