RENUNCIATION & Sacred Sexuality Dissolution

I'm officially retiring...

...from the conversation of "Sacred Sexuality" & the like.

I've grown tired of all the psycho analysis that is creating nothing other than a cesspool of Sexual Spiritualistic Illusion that is nothing other than Shadowy Subculture.

I shall withdraw any more words about it, unless conversation arises within the Inner Sanctum of the Cosmic Earth Mystery School, as this is the space to work out the tangled web of Maya around this subject.

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There is so much more beyond sex & the sensual energy at large.

Long term relationship & children emanate this truth over time.

The moon guides us towards this wisdom when the Human Being is ready.

Even the garden will teach us this if we allow it.

Working with bees will also radiate this in an exquisite way.

Once this powerful energy is properly integrated, it transfigures into something so much more profound.

Honey. Nectar. Ambrosia. The Food & Water of Life.

Polarity, Alchemy, Transformation...these are more multifaceted than the stars & exist in forms beyond our wildest dreams if we would but cross the threshold from desire to INspire.

We are meant to graduate from "Sex School" (i.e. the work we do around our Sexual Story) & move into the vast space that births within our inner life as a result of properly integrating this work.

Too many are pitching tents and putting up flags in the Sexual Arenas, and this is no longer a part of the solution for our ailing planet.

It's like kneading bread for too long. It won't rise & the resulting loaf of bread will be extremely hard to digest, producing all sorts of inflammatory responses deep within the body.

Bread that doesn’t rise is also hard to share or break with others due to it’s dense nature.

You follow? Let’s keep walking a while through this conversation…

Allowing the sexual story to mature into the creative story is paramount now.

-Betsy Huljev

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This energy is not separate from you.

There is no need to prove that you are a sexual being or that you can "ride it" like a boss.

Upon receiving this perception, the sexual energy becomes pristine life force & innocent curiosity that lives on through the will to serve the ALL.

Sacred Union is not, at it's core, about sex.

Sex is definitely a chapter in the book, but that is all.

Of course this is my understanding. This is my path.

And don't get me wrong...I love my sensual energy and how it serves my highest, widest most vast expression of self...

But mostly, I love how it has become liberated to evolve into what it is actually meant to be...Breadth of Space & Depth of Soul.

There comes a time when we each shall RENOUNCE our Surface Desires in the name of Inspired Thought…this INspired Cognition the Light unto the Feet of future Human Beings in order that they may more efficiently remember who they are & why they have come to the planet.

-Betsy Huljev

This is known as Dharmic Sacrifice…a Conscious Dissolution that becomes a Holy Sacrament in the name of Karmic Clairvoyance, Spiritual Sight that encompasses the Great Epochs of time, Cosmic Memory & the Evolution of Humanity.

Renunciation is really about CONSCIOUSLY Growing Upwards into Greater Spiritual Depths.

It is honoring the “concentration” of study by allowing the “lessons learned” to become INSPIRATION instead of trauma/drama vortexes that keep one plugged into subcultures of any sort.

Inspiration that ripens instinct into intuition, maturing the conscience & helping one to KEEP THE FAITH while carrying the cross of Spiritual Destiny.

This actually means allowing the thought to come to it’s death.

Once the thought dies, the Human Being is liberated from thoughts that are limited to the Physical Body & RESURRECTION occurs…Pure Thought arises & SELFLESSNESS permeates the Deeds Well Done.


From this state of SELFLESS being arises New & yet ANCIENT Perception.

Were we to go back millions of years in human evolution, another picture will come toward us… During those times men went through not only physical transformations, but spiritual and astral transformations as well. To follow these requires that we rise to spiritual worlds. There the music of the spheres can be heard, tones that swell and flood through space in this world… the harmony of the spheres, called by the occultist ‘the trumpet tones of the Angels,’ will sound forth.
— Rudolf Steiner

This “trumpet tone” rebirths THE WORD & sounds forth “YOU SHALL.”

RENUNCIATION is really about honing the skill of “I SHALL.”

More on this to come as I have a dream to share with you soon…

I know this will not go down easy for some. That's ok.

May those who have the ears to hear it, HEAR IT.

I love you.

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