Divine Emanation & Serving the ALL

Picture taken on top of the TUMULUS in the heart of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, Bosnia i Herzegovina

Picture taken on top of the TUMULUS in the heart of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, Bosnia i Herzegovina

Those whom I serve are INgenious Humans who are ready & WILLing to Fulfill their Spiritual Destiny.

Those I serve don't need Social Proof to make their decisions.

They move from their INtuition & INstinct & uphold a high level of Inner INtegrity & Primordial Response.

They value the Silent, Sacred & SELF-created nature of Transformation, & so they are not asked or "passively" required to articulate or spill their experiences out for others to understand and/or testify that I have done anything to "make it happen" for them.

Pondering the GREAT WORK that they have done silently & serenely within their own hearts is nothing other than the Harmony of the Spheres, a quality & tone I have come to understand as Dharmic Sacrifice on my part...sacrificing my "need" to be SEEN in order to Live INto the "other" taking FULL ownership of THEIR Transformation, because there is something beyond this that serves a Holy Purpose...

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by  Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by Betsy Huljev

Tricky work in an online realm that wants EVIDENCE.

My willingness to let it BE without the need to provide superfluous "data" to the public is indeed an act of rebellion in a world that desires Intellectual & Psychological PROOF.

We are living in a time that requires us to think INspired Thoughts & move beyond the Status Quo if we are to experience EQUILIBRIUM, the Sacred Task for ALL during this particular Epoch of Earth Evolution.

Softening your GAZE is a perfect start.

It is, on the one hand, beautiful to SEE the Deeply Holy Inner Sanctum of GREAT WORK being done LIVE before our very Physical Eyes...and on the other hand, it de-natures something, because INitiation is not meant for ALL to see.

And yet in the name of "More" through MARKETING, we are willing to cross Sacred Boundaries to PROVE that what we are offering up is REAL & TRUE.

As a birth doula for many years, there were so many moments where what transpired within the birth space was beyond SUPERNATURAL.

And yet that Spiritualized Moment (the moment that literally becomes CONDENSATION where one element is spontaneously changed into another) is meant to BEHOLD by ONLY those present...to imbue our life with greater meaning & live on in our hearts & bodies as a Greater Capacity of SIGHT & restored WILL Forces.

To try to capture these moments or even the process in modern style would be to cast off a very important texture, the texture of "Unio Mystica."

This "Mystical Union" provides the conditions for EQUILIBRIUM to take shape.

The EQUILIBRIUM of Thinking, Feeling & Willing is paramount within my mission & vision, & the requirements of Social Proof are undoubtedly a force that trips up the connection between Feeling->Willing.

The forces of WILL are responsible for proper assimilation & integration of the Internal Work into the limbs, making manifest Spiritual Destiny.

MANIFEST = to make obvious that which is already there.

If in any way the person doing the work feels that someone else is even partially responsible for the transformation, something gets lost.

Having a WITNESS is vital, but FEELING that someone else even ever so slightly WILLED the results on my behalf is a short-circuit.

A short-circuit because ultimately, the one who can take FULL ownership of doing THE GREAT WORK can then F R E E L Y FEEL into the next INTEGRAL step:

R E N U N C I A T I O N.

It's not mine. It's not yours.

Renunciation births E Q U I L I B R I U M.


Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by  Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by Betsy Huljev

Let me try to break it down...

Those whom I serve are my equals. They know what I know. They forget just as I forget. WE remember TOGETHER. They are not less spiritual or less capable than I am. They do not need me. They are not dependent upon me. I am not a guru or master.

They simply KNOW in their gut that I am their WITNESS.

The portals I have manifested to the Realms of Higher Knowledge have been brought forth COLLABORATIVELY in the presence of those I WITNESS.

Together, we Live, Breath & Create within the Collective Womb of Life & together we experience Visceral Symbiosis, Synthesis & Synergy.

Me living into my Spiritual Destiny is a true Sacred Union with the "other" because a Divine 3rd silently births from our "Co-INdependent" Journey Together.

It's not mine & it's not theirs in essence. It belongs to no one & no thing.

IT simply is & IT simply MUST BE.

From this Divine Third (our combined willingness to RENOUNCE a claim in the unfolding revelation) births a Divine Fourth & WE become a Living Breathing PRAYER.

These are not prayers arising out of personal wishes, but instead a Unified Prayer that is nothing other than an "OUTPOURING" upon ALL of Humanity.

An INspired Action, an INjection of LIFE, an EMANATION.


Nothing more, nothing less.

What happens while you work & what happens as a result of the work...this cannot be put into a sentence structure or captured in an image.

But it can LIVE on when properly INtegrated into your life well lived.

A life that both you and I are living WELL beyond the realms of Social Media & the "need" for validation of any sort.

This is the "Great Sacrifice," to die to YOU & live for ALL.

Our "toiling" perhaps as silent as the Sun.

F R E E D O M.

Freedom through the D I V I N E ☀️ E M A N A T I O N.

One may picture this ‘great sacrifice,’ the highest expression of will in divine nature, by imagining oneself before a mirror in which one’s image is reflected. This image is, of course, an illusion, a semblance. Now carry over this image to the point of imagining yourself dying, sacrificing your existence, your feeling and thought, your very being, to inject life into that image. Spiritual science in all ages has called this phenomenon the ‘outpouring,’ ‘the emanation.’ If you could really make this sacrifice, it would be clear that you would no longer be here because you would have given up your whole being to this reflected image to imbue it with life and consciousness.
— Rudolf Steiner

With this being said, what happens within the Sanctified Spaces that I have the honor of BEHOLDING stays within those spaces in order to preserve the texture of "unio Mystica."

I will share highlights here and there that take place outside of the INitatory Space, but you will not find imagery or testimony here that gives you a look see into the Inner Chamber.

I have tried this in the past in the name of "more" & it just doesn't work that way.

I serve THE ONE & THE ALL.

I love you.

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