The Lady in Red: Sophia Christ Consciousness

The Lady in Red...

She is a mighty picture. An INspired Imagination. A living legend. A New Idea.


She is Spiritual Activity. Ennobled Motion. Health.

If you devote yourself to the color of her veil...of her lips...if you surrender to a FULL immersion into this Holy Pigment,

She will D I S S O L V E...

She will become like glass.

You will HEAR through her:

“I am the Human Being, I am the Past, the Present,
and the Future. Every mortal should lift my veil.” - Rudolf Steiner

And, if you so choose, you will SEE beyond the veil.

You will remember the Original Color.

The color you tasted while patiently waiting in your mother's womb...

And then you will GNO-sis the NEW MYTH.

You will EXPERIENCE it.

You will direct your gaze upon what is INVISIBLE & you will touch what you have longed for.

And the mystery will reveal itself as the Beloved.

And all will be well with your Immortal Soul.

May this bless all who choose to listen.

Yesterday evening I attended a Sophia Grail circle with my Beloved teacher, Karen Rivers.

The topic: Sophia and the Archangel Jesus

The Experience is of course working deeply upon my inner life, but what I have come to SEE & FEEL by continuing the dialogue in dreamtime is this:

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by  Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by Betsy Huljev

If you are doubting your Destiny...don't.

She will find you.

But one SHALL keep opening & softening into life...into the arms of the Beloved.

This is the Sacred Task for ALL who choose IT.

What is revealed to those who SOFTEN & OPEN, even when it feels hard, is nothing other than SPECTACULAR.

Helplessness is not your enemy.

It is the Lapis Lazuli of the Great Ones.

It is the Greatest Work to recognize your (w)Holi-ness through the worm hole of helplessness.

In fact, to engage with this Great Work is to understand what Sacrifice actually is.

In other words, you will come to understand what "keeping the FAITH" F E E L S like.

And it will be a SEER-ship like no other.

The kind of SIGHT that melts into the tears that wash the feet of the Beloved...eternally.

The kind of SIGHT that transfigures the concept of immortality into a visceral Inner Standing (literally an Inner Standing up into your Majesty)...

Immortality = CONSCIOUSLY, I repeat C O N S C I O U S L Y entering Greater Depths of Spiritual Heights with Matured Conscience.

This is what lives on BENEVOLENTLY beyond death.

This is what RESURRECTS Faith out of Fear.

This is what becomes the HELP for ALL.

Right now, during this Holy Week devoted to the Spiritual Being better known as Magdalene, we each have the opportunity to touch this knowing as she did.

To drop to our knees and REPENT helplessly.

Now when I say repent, be aware of what follows within your inner being.

Don't follow the doctrine.

Give IT up & Give IN.


What I am tapping into is far beyond what any book or "middle man" can relay to us.

(For those who know me, one of my gifts to the planet is REBIRTHING the WORD.)

What I mean when I write REPENT is this:



To touch the feet of Consciousness & to awaken Conscience.

To SACRIFICE my fear at the feet of FAITH.

To hold the FAITH even in the face of FORGETFULNESS.


To REMEMBER Spontaneously.

*IMAGE by the Great  Haris Delibasic  on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun | Bosnia i Herzegovina

*IMAGE by the Great Haris Delibasic on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun | Bosnia i Herzegovina

To Experience EPIPHANY.


To recognize the Beloved in New Form. Again & again.


To PARTICIPATE in the Evolution of Christ Consciousness AWAKE & AWARE, liberated from Dogma.

To merge the Lion, the Hawk & the Bull in order to upswell into the arms of the MOON & KNOW the SUN.

To those who I have the High Honor to serve in this lifetime, I offer up this Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh to the Enigma that is this Path of Love we are walking together.

May we all come to graze in the pasture of this Magnificent Life, guarded by the Celestial Beings, held by the Firmament & Firmly Rooted into the Mother of All that is Holy.

I love you.

My heart had been torn to pieces looking for help. When I understood that helplessness is the only help, I repented helplessly.
— Rumi
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