ORGANON & Radical Reorientation

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“This will be the great epoch of the emergence of the free human being (homo liber), who will think in ‘beholding’ – independently of his physical brain – receiving the idea from within the things by means of a new organ of thought and perception, which has to be developed.”

- G. A. Bondarev

Beauty is in the 👁 of the BEHOLDER.

To BEHOLD is to utilize the advanced spiritual organs of perception.

The BEHELD is witnessed by pure and present “emptied consciousness” in the gaze of the BEHOLDER.

The Beloved appears in this space saying…

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The central core of a civilization is its culture. The relation between civilization & culture can be compared to that between body and soul. It is the human being who draws them together in unity. S(he) is their spirit. 🍎 This kind of thinking is a living thinking. It dives down into the world of intelligible thought-beings, the world of moral intuitions, and finds the solution to purely earthly problems in deep connection with the world of metahistory, with the spiritual cosmos.
— G.A. Bondarev
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Is it the human being who is shaped by the totality of the factors of civilization and culture that surround him, or are these shaped by the human being?
— G.A. Bondarev
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This is the Active Word, the Silent Verb of the moment.

The Methodology of all methodologies.

The Original Science.

The Great Work.

The Divine Trinity of Thinking, Feeling & Willing merging in Sacred Union…synthesizing in supernatural fashion, manifesting Divine Fourths.

Harmony of the Spheres.

Conduit of Love.


The means by which we KNOW.

The Holy Act of BEHOLDING is the germinal seed of CULTURE.

The cultural life of man and of human communities constitutes everything that furthers the soul-spiritual, individual development of every single (human) subject belonging to them. A relation to culture arises solely on the basis of growing consciousness on the part of the individual. That which appeals to the non-individual, the sub-conscious of human beings, is not yet culture. Cultural life – synonymous with the spiritual life – is formed by the system of upbringing and education, by language, aesthetic education and living with the fine arts and, finally, as the highest expression of the cultural life, through individual creativity.
— G.A. Bondarev

When one BEHOLDS a question, the answer can only be LIVED, as the answer dissolves into pure pristine Will Forces that live on as Legacy.

To BEHOLD is an advanced way of being with thought forms.

It is the embodiment of true FREEDOM.

BEHOLDING is a Heightened & Honed way of being with Living Thought that shape-shifts into pure Radiant INspired Action that in turn births:

Resilience. Omniscience. Iridescence. Mythical Opulence.

This kind of “Beholding Thought” is a resurrection of flat-line thinking into a Living Breathing BEING that ossillates & undulates within the dross & thrives by staying in the foundry.

For the foundry is the follow-through. The path less traveled. The land of the Magi. The ram’s horn. Solomon’s Sword. Herstory. The Holy Grail. The Hollow tree. The Never-you-mind. The come hither.


To turn the thought INside OUT.

The SOUL purpose of BEHOLDING is to make more light.

To advance the civilization.

To return SOUL to culture.

To cultivate SUSTENANCE for the people so that each can realize their Spiritual Destiny.

A Destiny that lives on as Legacy beyond Death.

A Legacy that lives on as Light.

The FULL BODY prayer of this Light: “May the Blind SEE.”

The way & the truth of this Light stands before your very eyes.

It weeps before you.

Waits beside you.

Whispers within you.

Wishes with you.

Wanders upon you.

Wonders for you.

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To BEHOLD within Relationship is to fructify the heart of the matter (sometimes what can feel very dense) with the light of Spirit in order to truly witness the BELOVED “in the fire.”

Essentially, to BEHOLD is to stoke the fire of transmutation.

To bring more LIGHT into the alchemical chrysalis of the moment in order to nourish the sacred process of metamorphosis.

What a GIFT to give the Beloved within & without…more kindle for the flame of love.

More LIGHT to SEE.

More Sight to FEEL.

More Felt to BE.

To think like this is a dedication to the Supersensible Soul of the Matter in the midst of the Sensible Soup.



To the Holy Soul.

To the 16-petal Lotus.

To the MUSE.




To the New Archetypes that think independently from the physical brain.

To the Red-Haired one. To the Crow. The Raven. The Fox. The Tiny One in the Match Box.

The Hag. The Hen. The Hole in the wall.

The Hope. The Hopeless. The Holding.

The Heart. The Part. The Tart Taste that lingers as Art.

To the fragrance that has no name but knows everyone.

To the one who knows nothing.

To the things no one will ever know.

To the Rose.

To the Nose that can smell the Rose.

To the one who Goes.

Goes where?


Now go & get the 9 Golden Phoenix eggs from under the pillow of the giant.

Head into the woods & find the only one who has the purse with the horn of a narwal.

Lay down in the bed of wolf feathers & listen for the song of the siren.

Enter the kingdom of heaven & follow the yellow brick road.

Cross the sea sprayed mountains & don’t stay long in the swamp of sorrows.

Go because you shall.

You shall because, because, because, because, because…


Our civilization is therefore the civilization of radical reorientation. As an inheritance from the past its downfall is certain. But in its innermost core there is germinating the beginning of a new developmental stream of culture and civilization...This will be the great epoch of the emergence of the free human being (homo liber), who will think in ‘beholding’ – independently of his physical brain – receiving the idea from within the things by means of a new organ of thought and perception, which has to be developed.
— G.A. Bondarev
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