The Great Work

The Encounter with the Beloved: Head, Heart & Hands

Artifact from the belly of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in Bosnia i Herzegovina

Artifact from the belly of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in Bosnia i Herzegovina

This BLOG is a crystallized manifestation of my devotion to Anthroposophy, Spiritual Science & a RE-MEMBERED Golden Age WithIN.

kar - as kar - as upama

[Workings, workings…(of) the highest]

This is yet another Supernatural facet of THE GREAT WORK created to cultivate a stronger Inner Connection to Higher Faculties of Wisdom & to nourish the Clairvoyant powers of ImagINation, INtuition, INstinct & INspiration that are the Sacred Building Substances & Awakening Elixirs for Dormant Spiritual Organs withIN.

For those who have the EYES to SEE it, the EARS to HEAR it & the BODIES to FEEL it, the time has come to truly awaken our Clairvoyant Capacities as we prepare our Holy Vessels to receive & emit more light = THE GREAT WORK.

It has become crystal clear that this process of nurturing our INnate Bioluminescence cannot be rushed, but little by little THE WORK is done on behalf of the Evolution of Humanity.

As the great poet Rumi once said:

Work. Keep digging your well. Don’t think about getting off from work. Water is there somewhere. Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that is a ring on the door. Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who’s there.

This BLOG is a grounding & RE-earthing of all that has led me & many others to RE-cognizing the SACRED in the seemingly mundane & RE-birthing our 4 fold Human Being (Physical/Etheric/Astral/Spirit) in the Divine Fluids of AWE & MAJESTY.

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Me beside newly excavated aspects of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun  *my textured art is an attempt to visually relay to you the DEEP FEELING STATES & Supersensible Sight that I experience on my journey through life (otherwise known as SYNETHESIA or the blending of the senses).

Me beside newly excavated aspects of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

*my textured art is an attempt to visually relay to you the DEEP FEELING STATES & Supersensible Sight that I experience on my journey through life (otherwise known as SYNETHESIA or the blending of the senses).


In the Spirit lay the seed of my body.

And the Spirit has endowed my body

With physical eyes,

That with them I may behold

The light of the things around me.

And the Spirit has given to my body

Reason, sensation, feeling and will,

That through them I may perceive

The things around me

And work upon them.

In the Spirit lay the seed of my body.


In my body lives the seed of the Spirit.

And I shall endow my Spirit

With supersensible eyes,

That with them I may behold

The light of the Spirit-Beings.

And I shall weld in my Spirit

Wisdom and Strength and Love,

That through me the Beings may work

And I may become

The conscious instrument of Their Deeds.

In my body lives the seed of the Spirit.

-Rudolf Steiner

The Bosnian Pyramid Complex holds the Gaian Codes for the Rebirth of the Circulatory System of Humanity.

As it relates to the human body, the head represents the Feminine Spirit, the less dense matter, the past as Archetypical Expression, the Cosmic Memory…the keeper of wisdom as a BEING. S O P H I A. Thought as Picture which produces Transformative Feeling.

The head provides the connection to the higher realms of knowledge & GIFTS of the Feminine Essence: INtuition, imagINation, INstinct & INspiration.

The limbs represent the Masculine Essence, the more dense matter, the forces of WILL, the vigor through which a person realizes the Spiritual Dream INto Earthly Form…the conduit through which the Cosmic Memory becomes an Earthly Paradigm.

Through the limbs, the Promise penetrates Matter through the life forces & transmutation takes place that nurtures the maturity of the oversoul of Humanity.

INspired Action becomes Energy transformed INto Matter.

Enthusiasm, Burning Desire, Devotion, & Perseverance (among others) produce Mastery of certain skills that then emit stronger fragrances of Beauty & Strength that live on beyond death & INto the next life as Evolved Clairvoyance, supporting ALL to SEE with New Eyes…a process that takes place over great spans of time.

It’s almost as if we each have the biological potential to become a mini pyramid with the power to provide equilibrium of the soul & elemental balance, not only for ourselves, but for all those who feel & witness our presence.

But HOW do the Masculine & Feminine essence harmoniously communicate & break bread with one another? What is the missing link that so many are striving to Re-Member?

The Heart & the Circulatory System. The medium between the poles of light. The upright nature of the Human Being. The Majesty. The Golden Path to God. The Original Blueprint.

Direct communion with Source via Gnosis…Sacred Union with The Beloved…is made healthfully & sustainably possible through a clarified HEART that is awakened to it’s multidimensional nature via a purified circulatory system.

What bogs down the circulatory system & festers the Core Wound of SEPARATION?

  • Poisonous or dead food & water (food/water that does NOT contain light due to modern agricultural practices)

  • Unmet concept-memories that live on in the blood (stored birth/sexual/relational/cultural trauma)

  • Outdated Parental & Cultural Imprints (group soul shadow related to the great ages of time)

  • Harmful Programming & Tangled Emotions (made manifest through media/consumerism/pornography/addiction/etc.)

  • War-Imprint Programming (an intentional program to breed war & fear)

These are just a few of the foundational pieces regarding the “clogged arteries” of humanity…a humanity disconnected from the HEART of the Matter…

The head & limbs without the heart result in shallow thinking, lack of will powers & sight limited to the existing “visible.”

The capacity to bring forth the goodness of the soul through the portals of the unseen is weakened, and overtime the result is a humanity deeply attached to doctrine & dogma…because the channel for gnosis has atrophied, but the desire to maintain a connection with spirit is so strong that the people will cling to words on a page & a person who has deemed themselves worthy of direct connection to God who tells them what is right & wrong.

The heart disconnected from the Cosmic Forces of the head & the Life Forces of the Limbs becomes a mere pump…a means to an end.

Head, Heart & Hands, properly synergized = Healthy Metabolism of Joy & Sorrow = Equanimity of SOUL = Prosperity Re-INvisioned

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Divine Union of this TRINITY…Head, Heart & Hands…becomes a Synthesized Process of Eternal Communion with all that is Holy…The Kingdom of Heaven majestically made manifest here on Earth through a clean & clear channel.

The Supernatural UPRIGHT Human Being is Birthed: The Divine Human Being that can hold both Joy & Sorrow with the same Equanimity of Soul, marrying 2 seeming opposites, again & again to Immaculately Conceive a Divine Third: GRATITUDE.

GRATITUDE is the Sacred Fluid of the Inner Sanctum…the Amrita from which ALL Life Flows Prosperously Forth.

FLAME | Artist: Vaclav Vaca

FLAME | Artist: Vaclav Vaca

Now, the planetary forces are changing & some are hearing & heeding the call to return to The Beloved through this Direct Mediumship mentioned above.

But these INitiates must walk through the flames of purification again & again, maintaining a humble & resourceful countenance.

Those who are READY are being called to certain places on the earth to RECLINE INto the Sacred Geometrical REMEMBRANCE provided by the unique qualities & ley lines of the land.

Ley lines /leɪ laɪnz/ are apparent alignments of landmarks, religious sites, and man-made structures. The pseudoscientific belief that these apparent lines are not accidental speculates that they are straight navigable paths and have spiritual significance.

WithIN the belly of Bosnia lies a key activation for the REUNIFICATION of head and limbs.

Inside Bosnian Pyramid Ravne Tunnels | Photographer:  Haris Delibasic

Inside Bosnian Pyramid Ravne Tunnels | Photographer: Haris Delibasic

A HEART restoration like no other.

An antidote to the anti-life energy of War-Imprint Programming & all that comes with it.

The REveal of Shamballa, the Holy Land, withIN & without.

Through communion with this Holographic Eden, the wasteland is restored.

"The time will come when human beings will again look into the spiritual world and will see the land there from which those streams flow down that give true spiritual nourishment to everything that happens in the physical world.

We have, indeed, always seen that it was possible for human beings with the old clairvoyance to look into the spiritual world.

The Oriental writings contain in their traditions something like a record handed down about an ancient spiritual land that human beings were once able to behold, from which they could draw all that could flow into the physical world from the super-sensible.

Many descriptions of that land, which human beings were once able to reach and which seems to have withdrawn, are full of melancholy.

This land was, indeed, once accessible to human beings, and it will now be accessible to them again, since Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, has run its course.

Initiation, however, always led into that mysterious land, which is spoken of as a country that seemed to have vanished out of the sphere of human experience. It withdrew during Kali Yuga, but for those who had received initiation there was always the possibility of guiding their steps into it.

The accounts of this ancient country are touching. It is the same land to which the initiates again and again repair in order to fetch from it the new streams and impulses for all that is to be given to humanity from century to century.

Again and again those who stand in this relationship with the spiritual world enter this mysterious land, which is called Shamballa.

It is the primal fountainhead, into which clairvoyant sight once reached but which withdrew during Kali Yuga.

It is spoken of as one would speak of an ancient fairyland, one that will return, however, into the realm of human beings.

There will be Shamballa again after Kali Yuga has run its course. Humanity, through normal human faculties, will again grow into the land of Shamballa, from which the initiates bring strength and wisdom for their mission.

There is Shamballa; there was Shamballa; Shamballa will come to be again for humanity."

- Rudolf Steiner

What we do for ourselves, we also do for Humanity.

Are you hearing the call to KNOW more about HOW the Bosnian Pyramids may serve the evolution of your soul?

Sacred High Frequency Water from the Womb of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex | Photographer:  Haris Delibasic

Sacred High Frequency Water from the Womb of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex | Photographer: Haris Delibasic

I’m offering a unique & Luscious EXPERIENCE in October of this year 2019 for an INtimate group of Soul Led Visionary INdividuals who desire to MUSEmind with me as your guide at the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

REACH OUT if you FEEL to discover more…

One of the ways in which you can begin to OPEN to the Next Best Steps on your journey is to awaken to the watery realms of REMEMBRANCE withIN.

This reconnection to your Inner Life, established in a NEW WAY, will nourish your INtuition, INstinct, & imagINation (the realms of Higher Knowledge) & INspire a more Prosperous Relationship to all of Life.

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This is a Divine INvitation for both Men & Women to partake in the GARDEN OF ORIGINAL INNOCENCE Transmission/Guided Meditation, that serves to imbue the soul with Deep Meaning, Vast Remembrance & Fertile Feeling.

From this rebirth of the FEELING Life, a new Inner dialogue begins, supported by the Supersensible INtelligence of your Clairvoyant Self.

S H A M B A L L A withIN.

Once one can perceive this Land WithIN, then and only then can IT be perceived without.

Bosnian Pyramid Water PORTAL by Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water PORTAL by Betsy Huljev

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