RENUNCIATION & Sacred Sexuality Dissolution

I'm officially retiring...

...from the conversation of "Sacred Sexuality" & the like.

I've grown tired of all the psycho analysis that is creating nothing other than a cesspool of Sexual Spiritualistic Illusion that is nothing other than Shadowy Subculture.

I shall withdraw any more words about it, unless conversation arises within the Inner Sanctum of the Cosmic Earth Mystery School, as this is the space to work out the tangled web of Maya around this subject.

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There is so much more beyond sex & the sensual energy at large.

Long term relationship & children emanate this truth over time.

The moon guides us towards this wisdom when the Human Being is ready.

Even the garden will teach us this if we allow it.

Working with bees will also radiate this in an exquisite way.

Once this powerful energy is properly integrated, it transfigures into something so much more profound.

Honey. Nectar. Ambrosia. The Food & Water of Life.

Polarity, Alchemy, Transformation...these are more multifaceted than the stars & exist in forms beyond our wildest dreams if we would but cross the threshold from desire to INspire.

We are meant to graduate from "Sex School" (i.e. the work we do around our Sexual Story) & move into the vast space that births within our inner life as a result of properly integrating this work.

Too many are pitching tents and putting up flags in the Sexual Arenas, and this is no longer a part of the solution for our ailing planet.

It's like kneading bread for too long. It won't rise & the resulting loaf of bread will be extremely hard to digest, producing all sorts of inflammatory responses deep within the body.

Bread that doesn’t rise is also hard to share or break with others due to it’s dense nature.

You follow? Let’s keep walking a while through this conversation…

Allowing the sexual story to mature into the creative story is paramount now.

-Betsy Huljev

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This energy is not separate from you.

There is no need to prove that you are a sexual being or that you can "ride it" like a boss.

Upon receiving this perception, the sexual energy becomes pristine life force & innocent curiosity that lives on through the will to serve the ALL.

Sacred Union is not, at it's core, about sex.

Sex is definitely a chapter in the book, but that is all.

Of course this is my understanding. This is my path.

And don't get me wrong...I love my sensual energy and how it serves my highest, widest most vast expression of self...

But mostly, I love how it has become liberated to evolve into what it is actually meant to be...Breadth of Space & Depth of Soul.

There comes a time when we each shall RENOUNCE our Surface Desires in the name of Inspired Thought…this INspired Cognition the Light unto the Feet of future Human Beings in order that they may more efficiently remember who they are & why they have come to the planet.

-Betsy Huljev

This is known as Dharmic Sacrifice…a Conscious Dissolution that becomes a Holy Sacrament in the name of Karmic Clairvoyance, Spiritual Sight that encompasses the Great Epochs of time, Cosmic Memory & the Evolution of Humanity.

Renunciation is really about CONSCIOUSLY Growing Upwards into Greater Spiritual Depths.

It is honoring the “concentration” of study by allowing the “lessons learned” to become INSPIRATION instead of trauma/drama vortexes that keep one plugged into subcultures of any sort.

Inspiration that ripens instinct into intuition, maturing the conscience & helping one to KEEP THE FAITH while carrying the cross of Spiritual Destiny.

This actually means allowing the thought to come to it’s death.

Once the thought dies, the Human Being is liberated from thoughts that are limited to the Physical Body & RESURRECTION occurs…Pure Thought arises & SELFLESSNESS permeates the Deeds Well Done.


From this state of SELFLESS being arises New & yet ANCIENT Perception.

Were we to go back millions of years in human evolution, another picture will come toward us… During those times men went through not only physical transformations, but spiritual and astral transformations as well. To follow these requires that we rise to spiritual worlds. There the music of the spheres can be heard, tones that swell and flood through space in this world… the harmony of the spheres, called by the occultist ‘the trumpet tones of the Angels,’ will sound forth.
— Rudolf Steiner

This “trumpet tone” rebirths THE WORD & sounds forth “YOU SHALL.”

RENUNCIATION is really about honing the skill of “I SHALL.”

More on this to come as I have a dream to share with you soon…

I know this will not go down easy for some. That's ok.

May those who have the ears to hear it, HEAR IT.

I love you.

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Divine Emanation & Serving the ALL

Picture taken on top of the TUMULUS in the heart of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, Bosnia i Herzegovina

Picture taken on top of the TUMULUS in the heart of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, Bosnia i Herzegovina

Those whom I serve are INgenious Humans who are ready & WILLing to Fulfill their Spiritual Destiny.

Those I serve don't need Social Proof to make their decisions.

They move from their INtuition & INstinct & uphold a high level of Inner INtegrity & Primordial Response.

They value the Silent, Sacred & SELF-created nature of Transformation, & so they are not asked or "passively" required to articulate or spill their experiences out for others to understand and/or testify that I have done anything to "make it happen" for them.

Pondering the GREAT WORK that they have done silently & serenely within their own hearts is nothing other than the Harmony of the Spheres, a quality & tone I have come to understand as Dharmic Sacrifice on my part...sacrificing my "need" to be SEEN in order to Live INto the "other" taking FULL ownership of THEIR Transformation, because there is something beyond this that serves a Holy Purpose...

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by  Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by Betsy Huljev

Tricky work in an online realm that wants EVIDENCE.

My willingness to let it BE without the need to provide superfluous "data" to the public is indeed an act of rebellion in a world that desires Intellectual & Psychological PROOF.

We are living in a time that requires us to think INspired Thoughts & move beyond the Status Quo if we are to experience EQUILIBRIUM, the Sacred Task for ALL during this particular Epoch of Earth Evolution.

Softening your GAZE is a perfect start.

It is, on the one hand, beautiful to SEE the Deeply Holy Inner Sanctum of GREAT WORK being done LIVE before our very Physical Eyes...and on the other hand, it de-natures something, because INitiation is not meant for ALL to see.

And yet in the name of "More" through MARKETING, we are willing to cross Sacred Boundaries to PROVE that what we are offering up is REAL & TRUE.

As a birth doula for many years, there were so many moments where what transpired within the birth space was beyond SUPERNATURAL.

And yet that Spiritualized Moment (the moment that literally becomes CONDENSATION where one element is spontaneously changed into another) is meant to BEHOLD by ONLY those imbue our life with greater meaning & live on in our hearts & bodies as a Greater Capacity of SIGHT & restored WILL Forces.

To try to capture these moments or even the process in modern style would be to cast off a very important texture, the texture of "Unio Mystica."

This "Mystical Union" provides the conditions for EQUILIBRIUM to take shape.

The EQUILIBRIUM of Thinking, Feeling & Willing is paramount within my mission & vision, & the requirements of Social Proof are undoubtedly a force that trips up the connection between Feeling->Willing.

The forces of WILL are responsible for proper assimilation & integration of the Internal Work into the limbs, making manifest Spiritual Destiny.

MANIFEST = to make obvious that which is already there.

If in any way the person doing the work feels that someone else is even partially responsible for the transformation, something gets lost.

Having a WITNESS is vital, but FEELING that someone else even ever so slightly WILLED the results on my behalf is a short-circuit.

A short-circuit because ultimately, the one who can take FULL ownership of doing THE GREAT WORK can then F R E E L Y FEEL into the next INTEGRAL step:

R E N U N C I A T I O N.

It's not mine. It's not yours.

Renunciation births E Q U I L I B R I U M.


Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by  Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by Betsy Huljev

Let me try to break it down...

Those whom I serve are my equals. They know what I know. They forget just as I forget. WE remember TOGETHER. They are not less spiritual or less capable than I am. They do not need me. They are not dependent upon me. I am not a guru or master.

They simply KNOW in their gut that I am their WITNESS.

The portals I have manifested to the Realms of Higher Knowledge have been brought forth COLLABORATIVELY in the presence of those I WITNESS.

Together, we Live, Breath & Create within the Collective Womb of Life & together we experience Visceral Symbiosis, Synthesis & Synergy.

Me living into my Spiritual Destiny is a true Sacred Union with the "other" because a Divine 3rd silently births from our "Co-INdependent" Journey Together.

It's not mine & it's not theirs in essence. It belongs to no one & no thing.

IT simply is & IT simply MUST BE.

From this Divine Third (our combined willingness to RENOUNCE a claim in the unfolding revelation) births a Divine Fourth & WE become a Living Breathing PRAYER.

These are not prayers arising out of personal wishes, but instead a Unified Prayer that is nothing other than an "OUTPOURING" upon ALL of Humanity.

An INspired Action, an INjection of LIFE, an EMANATION.


Nothing more, nothing less.

What happens while you work & what happens as a result of the work...this cannot be put into a sentence structure or captured in an image.

But it can LIVE on when properly INtegrated into your life well lived.

A life that both you and I are living WELL beyond the realms of Social Media & the "need" for validation of any sort.

This is the "Great Sacrifice," to die to YOU & live for ALL.

Our "toiling" perhaps as silent as the Sun.

F R E E D O M.

Freedom through the D I V I N E ☀️ E M A N A T I O N.

One may picture this ‘great sacrifice,’ the highest expression of will in divine nature, by imagining oneself before a mirror in which one’s image is reflected. This image is, of course, an illusion, a semblance. Now carry over this image to the point of imagining yourself dying, sacrificing your existence, your feeling and thought, your very being, to inject life into that image. Spiritual science in all ages has called this phenomenon the ‘outpouring,’ ‘the emanation.’ If you could really make this sacrifice, it would be clear that you would no longer be here because you would have given up your whole being to this reflected image to imbue it with life and consciousness.
— Rudolf Steiner

With this being said, what happens within the Sanctified Spaces that I have the honor of BEHOLDING stays within those spaces in order to preserve the texture of "unio Mystica."

I will share highlights here and there that take place outside of the INitatory Space, but you will not find imagery or testimony here that gives you a look see into the Inner Chamber.

I have tried this in the past in the name of "more" & it just doesn't work that way.

I serve THE ONE & THE ALL.

I love you.

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Magdalene Feast Day INspired Thoughts

My Inspired Thoughts for this auspicious day, Magdalene Feast Day...

The Moon giving birth by  Haris Delibasic

The Moon giving birth by Haris Delibasic

We are being asked to turn our gaze upwards & receive the food & water of life from the Cosmic Heights.

The Being of the Moon has birthed something new on behalf of all of humanity & the time is now to let this work upon you.

In celebration of this newborn, the delicate hands of the madonna whisper a truth that Isis wishes to impart on our souls today.


There is something that wishes to infuse & integrate now.

This message is knocking on the door of the heart 3 times.

And then, if not answered, this Sophia will dissolve back into space & timelessness, reverently returning to perhaps another heart that WILL answer the knock.

To answer the knock is ART at it’s finest.
— Betsy Huljev

To live into the ART is Spiritual Science, a Sacred Union between the known & the unknown.

Are you willing to awaken your sleeping spiritual capacities such that you can come to know your Celestial origins?


Do you sense that "religion" as we know it is falling away?

Are you ready to understand how all myths are interwoven & have been artistically transfigured over many Epochs of Human Existence?

One sign of this readiness is that one no longer craves physical food in such high demand. Instead, there is a longing for Spiritual Milk, milk that was once available to us through our water sources.

There are certain places on the planet where this quality has been preserved.

One such a place is the Bosnian Pyramid Valley {more on this at another time...}

Another sign of this readiness is that the fear of "disease" dissolves & one is finally FREE to travel the body of the Mothers.

Lastly, those who are ready will feel called to visit places that others may say are not "worthy" of visitation.

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by  Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by Betsy Huljev

Pay attention.

Awareness is key now for the SEERS of the planet.

For now, (1) find a water source that actually contains wisdom, (2) contemplate your relationship to "disease," (3) gaze upwards for a bit & let it work on you

This will provide a gourmet meal for your Soul.

The Mothers will speak to you.

Be patient.

Drinking water directly from the Spring at the base of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon | Image by  Haris Delibasic

Drinking water directly from the Spring at the base of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon | Image by Haris Delibasic

What this really means is ACTIVELY LISTEN.

May you come to KNOW what I am sharing through DIRECT EXPERIENCE.

G N O S I S.

"In truth, whoever has knowledge of the spiritual secrets of the world and knows what speaks through Isis and Madonna sees in them something of primeval life, something much more living than all it is possible to express in any slavish imitation of a physical human model. A man of this kind whose gaze penetrates as through a veil through the living quality these Madonnas portray, and beholds the spiritual behind it, can, free from all dogma and prejudice, again feel piety in complete spiritual freedom. He will unite in his soul science or wisdom with art and give new birth to genuine free religious feeling — to genuine piety."- Rudolf Steiner

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The Lady in Red: Sophia Christ Consciousness

The Lady in Red...

She is a mighty picture. An INspired Imagination. A living legend. A New Idea.


She is Spiritual Activity. Ennobled Motion. Health.

If you devote yourself to the color of her veil...of her lips...if you surrender to a FULL immersion into this Holy Pigment,

She will D I S S O L V E...

She will become like glass.

You will HEAR through her:

“I am the Human Being, I am the Past, the Present,
and the Future. Every mortal should lift my veil.” - Rudolf Steiner

And, if you so choose, you will SEE beyond the veil.

You will remember the Original Color.

The color you tasted while patiently waiting in your mother's womb...

And then you will GNO-sis the NEW MYTH.

You will EXPERIENCE it.

You will direct your gaze upon what is INVISIBLE & you will touch what you have longed for.

And the mystery will reveal itself as the Beloved.

And all will be well with your Immortal Soul.

May this bless all who choose to listen.

Yesterday evening I attended a Sophia Grail circle with my Beloved teacher, Karen Rivers.

The topic: Sophia and the Archangel Jesus

The Experience is of course working deeply upon my inner life, but what I have come to SEE & FEEL by continuing the dialogue in dreamtime is this:

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by  Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by Betsy Huljev

If you are doubting your Destiny...don't.

She will find you.

But one SHALL keep opening & softening into life...into the arms of the Beloved.

This is the Sacred Task for ALL who choose IT.

What is revealed to those who SOFTEN & OPEN, even when it feels hard, is nothing other than SPECTACULAR.

Helplessness is not your enemy.

It is the Lapis Lazuli of the Great Ones.

It is the Greatest Work to recognize your (w)Holi-ness through the worm hole of helplessness.

In fact, to engage with this Great Work is to understand what Sacrifice actually is.

In other words, you will come to understand what "keeping the FAITH" F E E L S like.

And it will be a SEER-ship like no other.

The kind of SIGHT that melts into the tears that wash the feet of the Beloved...eternally.

The kind of SIGHT that transfigures the concept of immortality into a visceral Inner Standing (literally an Inner Standing up into your Majesty)...

Immortality = CONSCIOUSLY, I repeat C O N S C I O U S L Y entering Greater Depths of Spiritual Heights with Matured Conscience.

This is what lives on BENEVOLENTLY beyond death.

This is what RESURRECTS Faith out of Fear.

This is what becomes the HELP for ALL.

Right now, during this Holy Week devoted to the Spiritual Being better known as Magdalene, we each have the opportunity to touch this knowing as she did.

To drop to our knees and REPENT helplessly.

Now when I say repent, be aware of what follows within your inner being.

Don't follow the doctrine.

Give IT up & Give IN.


What I am tapping into is far beyond what any book or "middle man" can relay to us.

(For those who know me, one of my gifts to the planet is REBIRTHING the WORD.)

What I mean when I write REPENT is this:



To touch the feet of Consciousness & to awaken Conscience.

To SACRIFICE my fear at the feet of FAITH.

To hold the FAITH even in the face of FORGETFULNESS.


To REMEMBER Spontaneously.

*IMAGE by the Great  Haris Delibasic  on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun | Bosnia i Herzegovina

*IMAGE by the Great Haris Delibasic on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun | Bosnia i Herzegovina

To Experience EPIPHANY.


To recognize the Beloved in New Form. Again & again.


To PARTICIPATE in the Evolution of Christ Consciousness AWAKE & AWARE, liberated from Dogma.

To merge the Lion, the Hawk & the Bull in order to upswell into the arms of the MOON & KNOW the SUN.

To those who I have the High Honor to serve in this lifetime, I offer up this Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh to the Enigma that is this Path of Love we are walking together.

May we all come to graze in the pasture of this Magnificent Life, guarded by the Celestial Beings, held by the Firmament & Firmly Rooted into the Mother of All that is Holy.

I love you.

My heart had been torn to pieces looking for help. When I understood that helplessness is the only help, I repented helplessly.
— Rumi
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ORGANON & Radical Reorientation

Bosnian Pyramid Portal 38.jpg

“This will be the great epoch of the emergence of the free human being (homo liber), who will think in ‘beholding’ – independently of his physical brain – receiving the idea from within the things by means of a new organ of thought and perception, which has to be developed.”

- G. A. Bondarev

Beauty is in the 👁 of the BEHOLDER.

To BEHOLD is to utilize the advanced spiritual organs of perception.

The BEHELD is witnessed by pure and present “emptied consciousness” in the gaze of the BEHOLDER.

The Beloved appears in this space saying…

Betsy beauty in eye of beholder2.jpg
The central core of a civilization is its culture. The relation between civilization & culture can be compared to that between body and soul. It is the human being who draws them together in unity. S(he) is their spirit. 🍎 This kind of thinking is a living thinking. It dives down into the world of intelligible thought-beings, the world of moral intuitions, and finds the solution to purely earthly problems in deep connection with the world of metahistory, with the spiritual cosmos.
— G.A. Bondarev
Bosnian Pyramid Portal 33.jpg
Is it the human being who is shaped by the totality of the factors of civilization and culture that surround him, or are these shaped by the human being?
— G.A. Bondarev
Betsy witness.jpg


This is the Active Word, the Silent Verb of the moment.

The Methodology of all methodologies.

The Original Science.

The Great Work.

The Divine Trinity of Thinking, Feeling & Willing merging in Sacred Union…synthesizing in supernatural fashion, manifesting Divine Fourths.

Harmony of the Spheres.

Conduit of Love.


The means by which we KNOW.

The Holy Act of BEHOLDING is the germinal seed of CULTURE.

The cultural life of man and of human communities constitutes everything that furthers the soul-spiritual, individual development of every single (human) subject belonging to them. A relation to culture arises solely on the basis of growing consciousness on the part of the individual. That which appeals to the non-individual, the sub-conscious of human beings, is not yet culture. Cultural life – synonymous with the spiritual life – is formed by the system of upbringing and education, by language, aesthetic education and living with the fine arts and, finally, as the highest expression of the cultural life, through individual creativity.
— G.A. Bondarev

When one BEHOLDS a question, the answer can only be LIVED, as the answer dissolves into pure pristine Will Forces that live on as Legacy.

To BEHOLD is an advanced way of being with thought forms.

It is the embodiment of true FREEDOM.

BEHOLDING is a Heightened & Honed way of being with Living Thought that shape-shifts into pure Radiant INspired Action that in turn births:

Resilience. Omniscience. Iridescence. Mythical Opulence.

This kind of “Beholding Thought” is a resurrection of flat-line thinking into a Living Breathing BEING that ossillates & undulates within the dross & thrives by staying in the foundry.

For the foundry is the follow-through. The path less traveled. The land of the Magi. The ram’s horn. Solomon’s Sword. Herstory. The Holy Grail. The Hollow tree. The Never-you-mind. The come hither.


To turn the thought INside OUT.

The SOUL purpose of BEHOLDING is to make more light.

To advance the civilization.

To return SOUL to culture.

To cultivate SUSTENANCE for the people so that each can realize their Spiritual Destiny.

A Destiny that lives on as Legacy beyond Death.

A Legacy that lives on as Light.

The FULL BODY prayer of this Light: “May the Blind SEE.”

The way & the truth of this Light stands before your very eyes.

It weeps before you.

Waits beside you.

Whispers within you.

Wishes with you.

Wanders upon you.

Wonders for you.

Bosnian Pyramid Portal 56.jpg

To BEHOLD within Relationship is to fructify the heart of the matter (sometimes what can feel very dense) with the light of Spirit in order to truly witness the BELOVED “in the fire.”

Essentially, to BEHOLD is to stoke the fire of transmutation.

To bring more LIGHT into the alchemical chrysalis of the moment in order to nourish the sacred process of metamorphosis.

What a GIFT to give the Beloved within & without…more kindle for the flame of love.

More LIGHT to SEE.

More Sight to FEEL.

More Felt to BE.

To think like this is a dedication to the Supersensible Soul of the Matter in the midst of the Sensible Soup.



To the Holy Soul.

To the 16-petal Lotus.

To the MUSE.




To the New Archetypes that think independently from the physical brain.

To the Red-Haired one. To the Crow. The Raven. The Fox. The Tiny One in the Match Box.

The Hag. The Hen. The Hole in the wall.

The Hope. The Hopeless. The Holding.

The Heart. The Part. The Tart Taste that lingers as Art.

To the fragrance that has no name but knows everyone.

To the one who knows nothing.

To the things no one will ever know.

To the Rose.

To the Nose that can smell the Rose.

To the one who Goes.

Goes where?


Now go & get the 9 Golden Phoenix eggs from under the pillow of the giant.

Head into the woods & find the only one who has the purse with the horn of a narwal.

Lay down in the bed of wolf feathers & listen for the song of the siren.

Enter the kingdom of heaven & follow the yellow brick road.

Cross the sea sprayed mountains & don’t stay long in the swamp of sorrows.

Go because you shall.

You shall because, because, because, because, because…


Our civilization is therefore the civilization of radical reorientation. As an inheritance from the past its downfall is certain. But in its innermost core there is germinating the beginning of a new developmental stream of culture and civilization...This will be the great epoch of the emergence of the free human being (homo liber), who will think in ‘beholding’ – independently of his physical brain – receiving the idea from within the things by means of a new organ of thought and perception, which has to be developed.
— G.A. Bondarev
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Kiva of the Heart & Mind: Tom Kenyon & the Bosnian Pyramids


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

An infamous saying that could take on a multitude of meanings.

Let’s Dive IN a bit deeper…

In the absence of light my heart grows fonder…

In the absence of light my heart grows fonder of life…

In the absence of light my heart grows a fondness for all that is living.

In the absence of light my heart grows a fond perception of the absence of life.

In the absence of life my heart becomes fond of death.

In the heart of death my absence grows fonder.

In the fondness of death my heart grieves towards the light.

In the presence of light my heart opens fondly to die once more.

My heart opens to remain awake as the lullaby of life sings me fondly to sleep.
website line.jpg

These words came to me as I contemplated my upcoming BOSNIAN PYRAMID Retreat Experience & Private 1-1 with a Luscious & Visionary Clientess…a DEEP DIVE into the Kiva of the Heart…the Womb of the Heart…

Betsy Heart Open.jpg

I am more aware now than ever that my message will never fit into “easy-to-unpack” slogans or “quickly digestible” marketing reframes.

I am growing in fondness for the “Great Work” that is required to FEEL OUT what I say, write & share with the world.

This is a massive part of my Sacred Mission on this planet…To stand before you as Divine Remembrance of Noble Sovereignty & to summon those who are truly ready to Think INspired Thoughts (thoughts in service to the heart & womb/hara), Feel these INspirations, imagINations, INtuitions & INstincts all the way into their limbs (Katharsis), open to Receive SPIRIT (Illumination) & actually LIVE OUT their Spiritual Destinies (Embodiment).

To call in those who Consciously Choose to stay awake while sleeping.

Those who are not afraid to crawl on their bellies & KNOW who they are through direct osmosis…Gnosis...Isis...DIRECT EXPERIENCE with all that is Holy & True.

Those who don’t merely chase Katharsis, but instead cherish the Illumination that births from Conscious Integration & Courageous Immersion.

Few are willing to go there, and I have come to abiding peace with this.

So how is that working for me & my Sacred Work?

In Marvelous & Miraculous ways beyond the stagnant realm of pitches for a better life, better sex, more money, more power, more control, etc.

That’s all an illusion.

What is real & prosperous resides in the space between the sensible & the supersensible worlds.

The pocket universe that holds sway to self-evidence.

The Great Weaver of worlds.

The Eternal I AM in you.

All else flows from here in the NOW of you.

So, I’m not a millionaire…nor am I a billionaire.

I don’t have a compound nor an empire.

I don’t have friends in high places built on sand nor do I care to.

And, I AM rich because what I have is ENOUGH & I share it with a Grateful Heart with those who OWN their WORTH.

It is enough to walk this earth ALIVE & WELL side by side with those who do the same.

It is enough to make & break the daily bread.

It is enough to take the time to LIVE INTO the Experience rather than living vicariously through others’ beliefs filtered through the modern lens of “anti-social” media.

It is enough to embody soul-fullness, Saelde, blessedness as an active condition of bestowing upon the world & upon fellow human beings.

It is enough to allow the old mysteries to give birth to the new through you.

It is enough to KNOW that to put one foot in front of the other upon this land PRESENTLY, PATIENTLY & PASSIONATELY is the New Communion.

A Communion that creates the Inner Conditions to properly be able to perceive the I AM within the “other.”

Nothing is more valuable than this. NOTHING.

Many will say & share otherwise.

Listen to the KIVA of your HEART always and forever more.

Kiva of the Heart and Mind
Tom Kenyon

In the kiva of the heart and mind there are unseen rhythms.

Sometimes all is parched upon the land, and one is hard pressed to survive.
Sometimes a sweet unanticipated rain falls like grace from the heavenly worlds,
and suddenly the desert floor—of the seemingly barren heart—is filled with blossoming flowers
and the air is left brimming with the sweetness of new life.

But the cycle of death and rebirth is only one small sliver of this kiva’s vast and mysterious rhythm.

For those who look deeper Into the mirage of their own inner suffering,
there is a place of stillness that is hidden from the world.

It sits like a cave in the deepest recesses of the inner heart and reaches out
to the edge of the horizon—that mysterious place where the opposing forces of earth and sky
meet each other head on.

Few people ever notice their own inner heart for one has to be still and quiet in one’s own mind to enter into this hidden space.

It is here, at the edge of our mind’s horizon, that our pleasures and despairs arise,
fueled by the turbulence of solar storms that pummel the stratosphere
along with the whisperings of star dreams that come to this place from the farthest edges
of the known and unknown universe.

It is also here, in this hidden kiva of the heart and mind, that the whisperings of new dreams from
sleeping seeds within the earth flow to us—striving to awaken us from our slumber.

A swirling vortex of forces from heaven and earth meets anyone who dares to enter this kiva of the heart and mind.

While this kiva has existed from before the beginning of time
and has–and always will be—primordially pure, its entrance has been dug with our own hands
as well as with the hands of our ancestors, and all our hopes and fears have been pressed into its

It has been said that there are three tunnels that burrow toward the kiva, but only the last one
leads into its womb-like heart.
The first two lead somewhere else.

The easiest to find Is the one that leads to annihilation and oblivion.
The second tunnel leads to freedom from the earth and opens into a wormhole that leads
into the stars.

The third tunnel is the most difficult to find and even more difficult to open.
The entrance to this tunnel was pressed into place from the worlds and dreams of our ancestors
that stretch back through all of the world’s tormented histories back to the beginning of time when time, itself, crawled like a cosmic serpent from the womb of all things.

Those who choose to enter this tunnel must wrestle with their own demons
as well as with those of their ancestors before they can peer into the diamond light that streams
from the deepest kiva of the mind.

For those who find and open this hidden tunnel,
a new type of freedom is born.

In this freedom both heaven and earth are no longer at odds.
All our hopes and fears are transformed,
and all the seeming conflicts of our life are resolved,
resolved by resplendent rainbows of pure light that flow
from an endless river of healing that always lies beneath the surface of things,
that always lies beneath the surface of things.

Even in the mirage of the barren desert
there are healing waters and resplendent rainbows of light.

Look beneath the surface.
Look beneath the surface of all things–even in the midst of the worst torments of your life.

May we all awaken from our slumber.
May we all drink from the healing waters within,
and may we all gaze upon the resplendent rainbows of light that stream from all things.

-Tom Kenyon

There will be an October 2019 BOSNIAN PYRAMID Retreat Opportunity for an INtimate group of Proactively Visionary Beings to enter the Kiva of the Heart of the Earth, an elemental I AM reflection of you. A Deeper Dive into the supersensible through the Naturally Tangible. A visceral & supernatural DIRECT EXPERIENCE of the essence behind all my Sacred Works.

Reach out to Dive IN.

Meet  @haris_delibasic_photography  & get to know his SENSATIONAL work.🙏🏽🌹🔥He is a guardian of the Sacred Land that is the Bosnian Pyramid Complex & the chosen guide for those whom I serve (among many others from all over the planet) through the sacred geometrical remembrance of this Multidimensional vortex💕💫🐛🦋He is devoted to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation & captures the essence of the land through his Divine Photography. Truly a Guardian of the Great Womb. 💕

Meet @haris_delibasic_photography & get to know his SENSATIONAL work.🙏🏽🌹🔥He is a guardian of the Sacred Land that is the Bosnian Pyramid Complex & the chosen guide for those whom I serve (among many others from all over the planet) through the sacred geometrical remembrance of this Multidimensional vortex💕💫🐛🦋He is devoted to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation & captures the essence of the land through his Divine Photography. Truly a Guardian of the Great Womb. 💕

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The Search for the New Isis & the Divine Sophia

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Every aspect of the work that I do in the world is meant to R E S U R R E C T the WORD into INspired Thought that is in Visionary Service to the Heart & Womb.

Through this Full Body Prayer, the intellect bows to the feeling life & Spiritual Forces are birthed that work upon the soul life to awaken the Will Forces & INfuse those who engage & partake with expansive Spiritual Strength to take up great courage & do what they came here to do…to deliver to this planet Divine Inheritance & Oracular Vision.

One by one, those whom I serve are rebirthing their Inner Sight in such a way that they can perceive anew the vast Spiritual Beings who desire to permeate each and every human being with Original Innocence & Holy Remembrance in order to Immaculately Conceive New Light again & again on behalf of ALL LIVING BEINGS.

To “live the legacy” is to truly experience a Divine Marriage of Dark & Light withIN so that you can conceive the world anew without.

This re-gestated perception becomes a well of gratitude withIN that enables us to stay soft & open in the presence of difficult situations or challenges so that we can extract the nectar from the germinal seed within the happening & transmute any perceived malevolence into benevolence & love on behalf of far-distant futures of humanity.

The NEW ISIS is the Womb of Light withIN which we have the opportunity to Break Bread with a Life-Well-Lived.


It is SHE who guides & guards the Luminosity of Divine Human Existence. The Holy Soul of Sophia…the Divine Fluids within which the Flame of Synergy is housed that connects us all to this shared Sacred Purpose…a Majestic Vocation devoted to ‘passing the torch.’

I just recently presented a New Discussion in the Supernatural LIVE video series: The 10 Mastery Tools for Embodied Womb Consciousness where I unveiled the 3rd Mastery Tool- TEMPLE SLEEP.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 3.28.49 PM.png

In this LIVE I mentioned that the ancient art of Temple Sleep was engineered by Egyptian Priests who maintained and cultivated pristine 4 fold organisms: Physical, Etheric, Astral & Spiritual bodies.

What I didn’t mention is that they were initiated into their evolved Divine Human Essence by SHE.


“Before him stood the generating woman, the woman with child, yet who is virgin; the Goddess who in the Lemurian epoch was the companion of man, and who has since disappeared from the sight of man. In ancient Egypt she was called Holy Isis…When Isis was no longer the visible companion of humanity, when she was withdrawn into the circle of the Gods, she continued to interest herself in the health of man from the Spiritual World so said the priests- and when a person was raised to the vision of those ancient forms in an abnormal way, as in temple-sleep, the pictured Isis still acted curatively on him. She is that principle in man which was present in him before he received his mortal covering. HER veil has no mortal raised, for she is the form which was there when death had not as yet come into the world. She is the ONE ROOTED IN THE ETERNAL; she is the great HEALING PRINCIPLE to which humanity will again attain, when it steeps itself anew in Spiritual Wisdom (SOPHIA).” -Rudolf Steiner

It was ISIS who melted their hearts & enlivened their beings with SOPHIA.


It was SHE who met those with whom the priests shared this Immaculate Wisdom.

TEMPLE SLEEP was the ‘medium’ for this Vast Remembrance & Miraculous Healing.

We find around us a world of light phenomena, can observe in the natural world around us everything that appears by virtue of what we call light, and that this in turn embodies dying thoughts of the cosmos or, in other words, universal thoughts which, in the far-flung past, existed as the thought worlds of particular beings- thought worlds within which, at that primordial time, world beings perceived their universal secrets.

The thoughts of that distant era still shine brightly for us, but in a sense as the corpses of thought, of dying world thought. This is the light that shines for us.

...the human being as we understand him today was not there in this primordial past...but you also know that at this time the universe was nevertheless inhabited as it now is, that the universe was inhabited by beings who occupied the rank and level now occupied by humankind. The spirits we call Archai or Primal Beginnings stood at the level humankind now does during the evolutionary era of Old Saturn. They were not human beings as we know them today, but they stood at the same level as we do, albeit with a quite different constitution...

Looking back to far-distant eras, therefore, we can say that these entities wandered through the world as it was then in the same way we now make our way through life as thinking beings. What lived in them, however, became external universal thought. And what lived in them as thinking in those times, visible externally only as their light aura, is now seen by us in our surroundings, appearing in light phenomena. And therefore we must regard these phenomena as dying thought worlds.

Darkness plays into these light phenomena too; and in darkness comes expression all that, by contrast to light, can be regarded as will in soul-spiritual terms or, with more of a nod to the Orient, can be called love.

In looking out into the world we see the world of luminosity on the one hand, if I may call it that. But in fact we would not see this luminous world at all- which is always transparent to the senses- if darkness did not at the same time render itself perceptible in it. And we must plumb the darkness pervading the world to discover what lives in us as will, at the first level of the psyche. Just as the external world can be seen as a harmony of darkness and light, so our own inner life can be regarded in terms of light and darkness. In our own awareness light is thought or idea while darkness is the will in us, and becomes benevolence, love and so forth.

As you can see, this gives us a world-view in which soul nature is not just an inward quality, and what lives outwardly in nature is not just natural. Instead, what lives around us in nature is the outcome of former moral occurrences, in the form of dying thought worlds manifesting as light. However, if we pursue this further we find that, while the power at work in the thoughts that live within us originates in our past experience, we also continually infuse our thoughts with will originating in the rest of our organism. In their most intrinsic nature our thoughts are the residue of an ancient past, but permeated by will. Pure pervaded by the will.

But what we bear within us carries us into far-distant futures; and in far futures what exists in us as incipient seed or germ only will shine forth in outer phenomena. At this period beings will exist who, as we do now, gaze out into the world, and these beings will say: ‘Nature gleams forth around us. Why does it shine out to us in this way? Because human beings accomplished deeds of a certain kind, and what we see around us is the outcome of what earthly human beings bore within them in germinal form.’

So at present we stand here and gaze out into nature. If we choose, we can stand here in a mode of enquiry that is dry, sober and abstract. We can analyse light and its phenomena as physicists do this, in an inwardly detached manner as laboratory researchers. From this some very fine and fascinating things can emerge, but we will not be meeting the outer world with our full humanity. We will only do so when we feel a full sense of what we meet in the red of dawn, in the blue firmament of the heavens, in the green plant or the lapping wave.

When I speak of light I am referring not just to the light perceptible to the eyes but to everything we perceive through our senses. What do we perceive by these means? It is a world that can lift the soul, and reveals itself to the soul in the way necessary to us if we are to gain a sense of meaning in a meaningful world. We do not invoke our full humanity by standing detached from the world and drily analysing as physicists do.

A world-view charged with reality has this important outcome, leading us to look upon the world not only in dry analysis but with all possible gratitude for beings whose thinking and deeds, at the dawn of time, have created the surrounding world with it power to uplift us. Let us picture this with fitting intensity, filling ourselves with a sense of gratitude to a previous humankind for creating what surrounds us. Let us fill ourselves with this thought.

And then also humble ourselves enough to embrace this moral ideal: that our own thoughts and feelings likewise must enable beings who come after us to look upon a surrounding world for which they can be as grateful as we can be to our far-distant ancestors of the past, who now literally surround us in luminous spiritual activity.

We see today a luminous world around us. Millions of years ago this was a moral world. We bear within us a moral world; in millions of year this too will become a world of shining radiance.

We develop such feeling through a world-view that invokes our whole being, whereas one that excludes aspects of us may lead to all kinds of ideas and concepts, all sorts of theories about the world, but does not fulfill us because it leaves our life of feeling empty. There is in fact a very practical aspect to invoking our whole being, although nowadays people scarcely discern it. Anyone who is honestly concerned about the contemporary world knows that he cannot just let it slide into decline. He wants instead to cultivate a future form of education for both children and adults which does not mean, say, going to college at 9 in the morning with some kind of weary, indifferent feeling, and coming out again at the end of the day with nothing more than a bit of pride at having ‘improved’ one’s mind a little- if, indeed, one has. Instead, we can look to a future when students emerge at the end of their college day and take with them feelings that engage with universal themes because, alongside mere cleverness, a sense of the evolving world has been implanted in them: a sense of gratitude towards a long-gone past when beings actively shaped the nature that now surrounds us in the form that it does, and a sense of great responsibility because our moral impulses will eventually become worlds of light.

-Rudolf Steiner | Universal Spirituality and Human Physicality, Bridging the Divide: The Search for the New Isis and the Divine Sophia

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The spaces that I hold are devoted to this NEW EDUCATION & the necessary processes of Spiritual Evolution & ETERNAL Immaculate Conception through a revolutionary form of TEMPLE SLEEP called Deep Seeing™.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 6.13.10 PM.png

The Cosmic Earth Mystery School™ that I have the honor of sharing with the world is a FULL IMMERSION into the Great Womb through the Mesmerizing Healing Art of Deep Seeing™ that will birth forth your Inner Majesty, because you will discover what lies withIN you & you will be forever changed by this New Knowing. Instead you will walk out the legends of the Holy Grail & wash the feet of the Great Mystery all the days of your life.


You will traverse the earth as a DEVOUT Human Being, baptized by SHE into Universal Spirituality, living the legacy that is your Divine INheritance.

You will learn the Art of Dying to Live & as a consequence, you will liberate yourself & your people.

“Being FREE means being able to die, loving means being able to live.”- Rudolf Steiner

You will come to know the Beloved withIN & you will finally BELONG.

You will BECOME THE LONGING & Prosper.

Be BOLD & BRAZEN. Reclaim your Innocence & ARRIVE at your Central Sun. Go forth & Prosper.

Follow the Inner Nudges & Fall INto Light…

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The Encounter with the Beloved: Head, Heart & Hands

Me beside newly excavated aspects of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun  *my textured art is an attempt to visually relay to you the DEEP FEELING STATES & Supersensible Sight that I experience on my journey through life (otherwise known as SYNETHESIA or the blending of the senses).

Me beside newly excavated aspects of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

*my textured art is an attempt to visually relay to you the DEEP FEELING STATES & Supersensible Sight that I experience on my journey through life (otherwise known as SYNETHESIA or the blending of the senses).


In the Spirit lay the seed of my body.

And the Spirit has endowed my body

With physical eyes,

That with them I may behold

The light of the things around me.

And the Spirit has given to my body

Reason, sensation, feeling and will,

That through them I may perceive

The things around me

And work upon them.

In the Spirit lay the seed of my body.


In my body lives the seed of the Spirit.

And I shall endow my Spirit

With supersensible eyes,

That with them I may behold

The light of the Spirit-Beings.

And I shall weld in my Spirit

Wisdom and Strength and Love,

That through me the Beings may work

And I may become

The conscious instrument of Their Deeds.

In my body lives the seed of the Spirit.

-Rudolf Steiner

The Bosnian Pyramid Complex holds the Gaian Codes for the Rebirth of the Circulatory System of Humanity.

As it relates to the human body, the head represents the Feminine Spirit, the less dense matter, the past as Archetypical Expression, the Cosmic Memory…the keeper of wisdom as a BEING. S O P H I A. Thought as Picture which produces Transformative Feeling.

The head provides the connection to the higher realms of knowledge & GIFTS of the Feminine Essence: INtuition, imagINation, INstinct & INspiration.

The limbs represent the Masculine Essence, the more dense matter, the forces of WILL, the vigor through which a person realizes the Spiritual Dream INto Earthly Form…the conduit through which the Cosmic Memory becomes an Earthly Paradigm.

Through the limbs, the Promise penetrates Matter through the life forces & transmutation takes place that nurtures the maturity of the oversoul of Humanity.

INspired Action becomes Energy transformed INto Matter.

Enthusiasm, Burning Desire, Devotion, & Perseverance (among others) produce Mastery of certain skills that then emit stronger fragrances of Beauty & Strength that live on beyond death & INto the next life as Evolved Clairvoyance, supporting ALL to SEE with New Eyes…a process that takes place over great spans of time.

It’s almost as if we each have the biological potential to become a mini pyramid with the power to provide equilibrium of the soul & elemental balance, not only for ourselves, but for all those who feel & witness our presence.

But HOW do the Masculine & Feminine essence harmoniously communicate & break bread with one another? What is the missing link that so many are striving to Re-Member?

The Heart & the Circulatory System. The medium between the poles of light. The upright nature of the Human Being. The Majesty. The Golden Path to God. The Original Blueprint.

Direct communion with Source via Gnosis…Sacred Union with The Beloved…is made healthfully & sustainably possible through a clarified HEART that is awakened to it’s multidimensional nature via a purified circulatory system.

What bogs down the circulatory system & festers the Core Wound of SEPARATION?

  • Poisonous or dead food & water (food/water that does NOT contain light due to modern agricultural practices)

  • Unmet concept-memories that live on in the blood (stored birth/sexual/relational/cultural trauma)

  • Outdated Parental & Cultural Imprints (group soul shadow related to the great ages of time)

  • Harmful Programming & Tangled Emotions (made manifest through media/consumerism/pornography/addiction/etc.)

  • War-Imprint Programming (an intentional program to breed war & fear)

These are just a few of the foundational pieces regarding the “clogged arteries” of humanity…a humanity disconnected from the HEART of the Matter…

The head & limbs without the heart result in shallow thinking, lack of will powers & sight limited to the existing “visible.”

The capacity to bring forth the goodness of the soul through the portals of the unseen is weakened, and overtime the result is a humanity deeply attached to doctrine & dogma…because the channel for gnosis has atrophied, but the desire to maintain a connection with spirit is so strong that the people will cling to words on a page & a person who has deemed themselves worthy of direct connection to God who tells them what is right & wrong.

The heart disconnected from the Cosmic Forces of the head & the Life Forces of the Limbs becomes a mere pump…a means to an end.

Head, Heart & Hands, properly synergized = Healthy Metabolism of Joy & Sorrow = Equanimity of SOUL = Prosperity Re-INvisioned

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Divine Union of this TRINITY…Head, Heart & Hands…becomes a Synthesized Process of Eternal Communion with all that is Holy…The Kingdom of Heaven majestically made manifest here on Earth through a clean & clear channel.

The Supernatural UPRIGHT Human Being is Birthed: The Divine Human Being that can hold both Joy & Sorrow with the same Equanimity of Soul, marrying 2 seeming opposites, again & again to Immaculately Conceive a Divine Third: GRATITUDE.

GRATITUDE is the Sacred Fluid of the Inner Sanctum…the Amrita from which ALL Life Flows Prosperously Forth.

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by  Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water Portal by Betsy Huljev

Now, the planetary forces are changing & some are hearing & heeding the call to return to The Beloved through this Direct Mediumship mentioned above.

But these INitiates must walk through the flames of purification again & again, maintaining a humble & resourceful countenance.

Those who are READY are being called to certain places on the earth to RECLINE INto the Sacred Geometrical REMEMBRANCE provided by the unique qualities & ley lines of the land.

Ley lines /leɪ laɪnz/ are apparent alignments of landmarks, religious sites, and man-made structures. The pseudoscientific belief that these apparent lines are not accidental speculates that they are straight navigable paths and have spiritual significance.

WithIN the belly of Bosnia lies a key activation for the REUNIFICATION of head and limbs.

Inside Bosnian Pyramid Ravne Tunnels | Photographer:  Haris Delibasic

Inside Bosnian Pyramid Ravne Tunnels | Photographer: Haris Delibasic

A HEART restoration like no other.

An antidote to the anti-life energy of War-Imprint Programming & all that comes with it.

The REveal of Shamballa, the Holy Land, withIN & without.

Through communion with this Holographic Eden, the wasteland is restored.

"The time will come when human beings will again look into the spiritual world and will see the land there from which those streams flow down that give true spiritual nourishment to everything that happens in the physical world.

We have, indeed, always seen that it was possible for human beings with the old clairvoyance to look into the spiritual world.

The Oriental writings contain in their traditions something like a record handed down about an ancient spiritual land that human beings were once able to behold, from which they could draw all that could flow into the physical world from the super-sensible.

Many descriptions of that land, which human beings were once able to reach and which seems to have withdrawn, are full of melancholy.

This land was, indeed, once accessible to human beings, and it will now be accessible to them again, since Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, has run its course.

Initiation, however, always led into that mysterious land, which is spoken of as a country that seemed to have vanished out of the sphere of human experience. It withdrew during Kali Yuga, but for those who had received initiation there was always the possibility of guiding their steps into it.

The accounts of this ancient country are touching. It is the same land to which the initiates again and again repair in order to fetch from it the new streams and impulses for all that is to be given to humanity from century to century.

Again and again those who stand in this relationship with the spiritual world enter this mysterious land, which is called Shamballa.

It is the primal fountainhead, into which clairvoyant sight once reached but which withdrew during Kali Yuga.

It is spoken of as one would speak of an ancient fairyland, one that will return, however, into the realm of human beings.

There will be Shamballa again after Kali Yuga has run its course. Humanity, through normal human faculties, will again grow into the land of Shamballa, from which the initiates bring strength and wisdom for their mission.

There is Shamballa; there was Shamballa; Shamballa will come to be again for humanity."

- Rudolf Steiner

What we do for ourselves, we also do for Humanity.

Are you hearing the call to KNOW more about HOW the Bosnian Pyramids may serve the evolution of your soul?

Sacred High Frequency Water from the Womb of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex | Photographer:  Haris Delibasic

Sacred High Frequency Water from the Womb of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex | Photographer: Haris Delibasic

I’m offering a unique & Luscious EXPERIENCE in October of this year 2019 for an INtimate group of Soul Led Visionary INdividuals who desire to MUSEmind with me as your guide at the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

REACH OUT if you FEEL to discover more…

One of the ways in which you can begin to OPEN to the Next Best Steps on your journey is to awaken to the watery realms of REMEMBRANCE withIN.

This reconnection to your Inner Life, established in a NEW WAY, will nourish your INtuition, INstinct, & imagINation (the realms of Higher Knowledge) & INspire a more Prosperous Relationship to all of Life.

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Bosnian Pyramid Water PORTAL by Betsy Huljev

Bosnian Pyramid Water PORTAL by Betsy Huljev

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Synesthesia & the Mystical Adult

Betsy Synethesia.jpg

When I was a child, I would spend timeless days on my own deep in the woods behind our home. There was a stream that meandered through the back side of the land on which we lived that was a favorite daydreaming spot of mine.  It was not uncommon for me to lay down at the edge of the stream bed and dip my hands in the pools of water where the trickling creek would pause to find its way again before passing on by.

In the heat of the summer, I would scout out the spots that contained fresh frog eggs and languish in the sound of mother and father frogs singing to one another with wild and radical abandon.  The sound was vibrationally intoxicating and there was something otherworldly in the way each individual voice merged with the whole to produce an infinite symphony of primal wisdom that oozed with the promise of eternal Life.

In my mystical innocence, there was no fear for me in reaching below the dim water to feel around for that fertile squishy delight.  Once in my hands, the combination of slippery cool and juicy goodness was heavenly. Holding the frog eggs in my hands ever so delicately felt like holding God.  Peering into the creation process unfolding right in the palm of my hand was an Activation like no other, almost as if the infinite Universe opened up around my hands and I could see beyond the Seen as the flower of life expanded from one divinely connected frog egg to another.

A gigantic "YES" to life arose throughout my entire being.  Some call it levitation. I call it holographic suspension - you can taste the feeling of the sound you see.  You touch the Great Mystery and you are forever changed.

- Betsy Huljev | Content from the FORWARD of the book The Buddha With A Thousand Faces: A Sacred Portal for Coaches, Consultants and Online Marketers by Oliver Wade

This Holographic Suspension or SYNESTHESIA is a vital aspect of Clairvoyance that, when preserved & cultivated as a child, becomes a powerful, visceral & prosperous bridge between the worlds.

We all have the capacity to maintain this multidimensional “way of being” that was first experienced as we came into form withIN the womb & then later nurtured through childhood fantasy (which is very REAL).

In the womb, a developing human can taste the mother’s emotions, hear her visions & feel her thoughts (amongst many other combinations).

The senses intermingle in such a way that the Biological Brilliance of gestation unfolds withIN a Womb Conscious Environment where everything makes scents, vibration & texture.

The placenta is the Spiritual Organ through which all other Spiritual Organs of the developing child are nurtured & awakened, or not.

-Betsy Huljev

The Womb Environment is of the utmost importance because the quality of the gestational experience sets the child up to THRIVE as a 4 fold Human Being (physical, etheric, astral & spirit) or to merely SURVIVE solely as a physical body with dormant connections to the remaining TRINITY (astral, etheric & spirit).

Karma also plays a role in this picture. The Karma that I speak of is clearly defined by Rudolf Steiner & does not follow with popular culture understanding. Discover more HERE

Later, as a budding child & for the first 7 years of life, children are held in an external womb…the womb of Gaia…where they continue to incarnate into their physical bodies by being enwombed within their own Spiritual Senses which are supported by the elemental beings, nature, love, empathy, compassion & tenderness.

Children organically vibrate at a much slower rate, very much like plants, because they are deeply connected to the Astral realms in the early years (& perhaps for much longer).

This Astral & Spiritual connection strengthens the quality of the Etheric Body (the blood, nervous system & cellular structure) as the physical body continues to form (the physical body is not fully formed until the age of 28).

Unfortunately, many are not given the opportunity to FULLY experience the Mystery School & Initiation that is a properly held childhood.

Far too many adults suffer from what is known as ABANDONMENT wounds, which in the beginning stages of SELF-Development may feel very “blood” related (i.e. directly related to our blood relations), but as one digs deeper, this is a much bigger piece that streams directly into the core wound of SEPARATION from Source.

Often, one may “think” that they were abandoned by a physical parent, and perhaps they were, because this is a powerful aspect of karma that thankfully sets one up to FEEL very potently the insertion point of SEPARATION from Source in order to remedy the situation in THIS LIFETIME.

By the very nature of this contemplation one comes to know that they are stuck in a karmic loop, enslaved to a 1 dimensional/ 1 fold perspective on life, THE PHYSICAL plane.

This is not to say that the PHYSICAL plane is not important. It very much is. Our physical body is the avatar & holy vessel through which all else can flow.

THE GREAT WORK is to Liberate the Soul such that Divine Union of the 4 Fold Human Being can actually take place…a Sacred Marriage between body, blood, soul & spirit.

We come to this planet to experience eternity, because only in these physical bodies can we properly experience birth & death, which releases the TRINITY from & to Source…again & again…such that the Evolution of Humanity is made possible through this dance of immortality.

-Betsy Huljev

In the work that I do with those I serve, one of the first pieces that comes to the surface to resolve is Vast FORGIVENESS related to NOT experiencing a properly held childhood…to NOT receiving the space to nurture this connection to Source, but instead feeling “cut off” from the astral/etheric/spirit TRINITY too soon…cut off from the BELOVED.

There is much grief to be held here. Grief that asks to be taken very seriously in order to transmute it back to love through the “I” of the human being where it is transformed INto WISDOM.

WISDOM that births new perceptions & a more prosperous connection to INtuition, INstinct, INspiration & imagINation.

It is a very beautiful thing to GRIEVE properly. To allow the body to FEEL the sorrow of SEPARATION from Source, from the BELOVED.

Once this grief has been given its time to shine, the met sorrow illumINates a deeper truth…

In the case of FORGIVENESS regarding an unmet childhood, one comes to FEEL & KNOW that their physical parents were perfect portals back to Source…GRATITUDE flows & SYNESTHESIA begins to restore itself withIN…because a felt melody, woven by the parental imprints & sung by the BELOVED, begins to pulse through the etheric realms, through the blood, rebirthing the connection of Inner Sight.

This Inner Sight becomes a WOMB through which all aspects of the TOMB return to LOVE.

A true RECLAMATION of the Nervous System.

RESURRECTION at its finest.

It is a process. And one that asks for support. We are not meant to walk this path of LOVE alone.

Rudolf Steiner offers up a courageous practical tool in his book Reincarnation and Karma:

Such a definite conception can be acquired by means of certain inner exercises that are by no means easy; indeed they are difficult, but they can nevertheless be carried out.

The first step is in some degree to practice the normal kind of self-cognition which consists in looking back over one’s life and asking oneself:

What kind of person have I been?

Have I been a person with a strong inclination for reflection, for inner contemplation; or am I one who has always had more love for the sensations of the outer world, liking or disliking this or that in everyday life?

Was I a child who at school like reading but not arithmetic, one who liked to hit other children but did not like being hit?

Or was I a child always bound to be bullied and not smart enough to bully others?

It is well to look back on one’s life in this way, and especially to ask oneself: Was I cut out of activities of the mind or of the will?

What did I find easy or difficult?

What happened to me that I would like to have avoided?

What happenings make me say to myself: ‘I am glad this has come to pass’- and so on.

It is good to look back on one’s life in a certain way, and above all to envisage clearly those things that one did not like.

All this leads to a more intimate knowledge of the inner kernel of our being.

For example, a son who would have liked to become a poet was destined by his father to be a craftsman, and a craftsman he became, although he would sooner have been a poet.

It is well to know clearly what we really wanted to be, and what we have become against our will, to visualize what would have suited us in the time of our youth but was not our lot, and then, again, what we would have liked to avoid...

We must therefore be quite clear as to what such a retrospect into the past means; it tells us what we did not want, what we would have liked to avoid.

When we have made that clear to ourselves, we really have a picture of those things in our life which have pleased us least.

That is the essential point.

And we must now try to live into a very remarkable conception: we must desire and will everything that we have not desired or willed.

WE must imagINe to ourselves: What should I actually have become if I had ardently desired everything that in fact I did not wish for and which really went against the grain in life?

In a certain sense we must here rule out what we have succeeded in overcoming, for the most important thing is that we should ardently wish or picture ourselves wishing for the things we have not desired, or concerning which we have not been able to carry out our wishes, so that we create for ourselves, in FEELING and THOUGHT, a being hitherto unfamiliar to us.

We must picture ourselves as this being with great INtensity.

If we can do this, if we can identify ourselves with the being we have ourselves built up in this way, we have make some real progress toward becoming acquainted with the inner soul-kernel of our being; for in the picture we have thus been able to make of our own personality there will arise something that we have not been in this present incarnation but which we have introduced INto it.

Our deeper being will emerge from the picture built up in this way.

You will see, therefore, that from those who wish to gain knowledge of this inner kernel of being, something is required for which people in our age have no INclination at all.

They are not disposed to desire anything of the sort, for nowadays, if they reflect upon their own nature, they want to find themselves absolutely satisfied with it as it is...

If you call up the counterpart of yourself, the following thought will dawn upon you.

This counterpart- difficult as it may be to realize it as a picture of yourself in this life- is nevertheless connected with you, and you cannot disown it.

Once it appears, it will follow you, hover before your soul and crystalize in such a way that you will realize that it has something to do with you, but certainly not with your present life.

And then there develops the perception that this picture is derived from an earlier life.
— Rudolf Steiner | Reincarnation & Karma

This New Perception forms an Inner Environment ripe for Stretching out FULLY INto the 4 fold Human Being where one taps INto the Magical Inner Child & begins the process of birthing the Miraculous & Mystical Adult.

All of this WORK is done through the Vast Intelligence of a New Archetype available to each of us now: THE GREAT BIRTHER.

The GREAT BIRTHER holds the codes to Embodied Womb Consciousness & uses restored SYNESTHESIA as a practical tool for rebirthing the 4 fold Human Being.

-Betsy Huljev

Holographic Remembrance Portrait by  Betsy Huljev

Holographic Remembrance Portrait by Betsy Huljev

My Sacred Work is devoted to the Awakening of THE GREAT BIRTHER withIN & the unfoldment of the 4 Fold Human Being.

Simply put, I help you FULLY Incarnate & do what you came here to do.

One of the ways that you can begin this process of Re-INvisioning the Divine & Majestic Being withIN that Rudolf Steiner speaks of is through the HOLOGRAPHIC REMEMBRANCE PORTRAITS that I have the honor of creating.

The process described above is brought to life through Holographic Digital Imagery that serves to OPEN & SOFTEN your being INto Vast REMEMBRANCE of Who you are & why you have come to the planet at this time.

The imagery that manifests through this TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS kindles the Inner Sense of WARMTH, encourages the WILL to do what it does best, imbues the SOUL LIFE with deep meaning & illuminates the Golden Path of GOD withIN.

Illuminate the Vast Spiritual Essence pouring through you & Activate the SHAPE-SHIFTER withIN who knows how to bend time & space. Expand the boundaries of Beauty INto the abyss of Exquisitely Pristine Luscious Enchantment. Enliven something NEW withIN you & withIN ALL of Humanity…

Only he has an inner right to speak of evolution in the domain of outer nature who acknowledges this evolution also in the sphere of soul and spirit.

Now, it is clear that this acknowledgment, this extension of knowledge of nature beyond nature is more than mere cognition.

For it transforms cognition into life; it does not merely enrich man’s knowledge, it provides him with the strength for his life’s journey.

It shows him whence he comes and whither he goes. And it will show him this whence and whither beyond birth and death if he steadfastly follows the direction which this knowledge indicates.

He knows that everything he does is a link in the stream which flows from eternity to eternity.

The point of view from which he regulates his life becomes higher and higher.

The man who has not attained to this state of mind appears as though enveloped in a dense fog, for he has no idea of his true being, of his origin and goal.

He follows the impulses of his nature, without any insight into these impulses.

He must confess that he might follow quite different impulses, were he to illuminate his path with the light of knowledge. Under the influence of such an attitude of soul, the sense of responsibility in regard to life grows constantly.

If the human being does not develop this sense of responsibility in himself, he denies, in a higher sense, his humanness.

Knowledge lacking the aim to ennoble the human being is merely the satisfying of a higher curiosity.

To raise knowledge to the comprehension of the spiritual, in order that it may become the strength of the whole life, is, in a higher sense, duty.

Thus it is the duty of every human being to seek the understanding for the Whence and Whither of the Soul.
— Rudolf Steiner | Reincarnation & Karma

It is my pleasure to hold space for the unfoldment of this process for those I serve.


I AM, as Rumi wrote:

One who brings the JOY of being opened.

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