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What is a Birth Sherpa?

A Birth Sherpa is a woman who walks beside you on your journey to birth & into BECOMING (the period after birth). Her unique gifts & knowledge are shared with you throughout your pregnancy to help you dive deeply into yourself in all realms: physical, emotional, spiritual, & sexual.

Her sacred task is to awaken you to your Oracular state as a Mother & to guide you as you allow this new voice to reveal to you what you need to know about yourself in order for your Birth Dreams to ripen. She is a tender of your Birth Fire and will work intimately with you to discover anything that no longer serves you & anything that may be blocking your sexual flow, as these things profoundly affect the Birth Experience.

The Birth Sherpa will act as a river bed for your feminine waters to meander about, gathering nutrients, resources, information, & magical revelations that will serve the quality of your overall Birth Journey. She will mentor you on ways to THRIVE within yourself as the initiation of Birth draws near. If you are becoming a Mother for a 2nd time or more, she will help you process & grieve away any Birth Residue from past traumatic birth experiences & unmet birth desires that might otherwise imprint future births. She will also hold space for you to remember your strengths, joys, & intuitive knowing from previous birth experiences.

During your time together, she will teach you about the importance of the Sacred Birthing Space, the challenges posed by modern birth culture, & how to integrate your Mystical Being into the Primal & Practical aspects of birth. She will offer up tools to help you merge the spiritual with the physical, maintain a sacred connection with your partner, & meet the challenges of birth with love & awakened knowing.

She holds the energy of the Father/Partner in very high regard, as she believes this is his birth as well, & just as the Mother births herself into existence, so must the Father. She journeys with the parents, encouraging, supporting, and expanding their ideas about birth and the Time of BECOMING after the child is earth-side. Her presence will call you into your inner realms where the real work of Birth & Bonding takes place.

She acts as a Soul Doula for the child & will help you open to receive messages, songs, desires, spirit guides, & ancient knowing that the child wishes to share with you before birth.

When the Mother is actively birthing, the Birth Sherpa becomes the guardian of the birth place. She holds a sacred space for the Mother and Father to experience birth as a rite of passage. Her responsibility is to sacredly meet each moment with whatever it requires. Nothing more, nothing less. Her deepest desire is for both parents to open & expand fully into the vast spectrum of Birth Energy while also helping each parent stay fully rooted & grounded in their truth & Birth Dream.

She is the first to arrive in the early stages of labor, preparing the space and calming the parents with her presence. Her first task is to ensure that the Sacred Birth Space is set & cleared. She sets the space as the parents desire by perhaps tuning the space with soft light, entraining all who are present with soothing sounds & relaxing aromas, setting up a Sacred Birth Altar, & providing a sense of softness to anything that hardens the Holy Ground of birthing. 

She may be involved very physically with labor, dancing and moving with the mother through sensations and contractions. Perhaps she hums a low tune, enveloping the parents with energetic love…or maybe she sits in a quiet spot simply witnessing the unbelievable magic of birth.

At times she may be the only familiar voice, at other times, she fades into the background of the sweet song of labor. Her roles ebb and flow with the rhythms of each family’s birth. She gently guides the mother to find her breath, connect to her baby, or lean on her partner. She encourages co-chanting, movement, hydration, and breath work, and uses other “tools” to keep mother and father connected & in a solution focused feeling state. She offers respite when the partner needs rest, response and encouragement when the mother needs more support, and clarity when the thinking mind wanders. Her presence is gentle and kind, yet grounded and steadfast.

After the birth, she holds space for the parents to process their experience. Her work becomes nurturing the new Mother and Father. She offers up gifts to the newly initiated parents…a listening ear, a soothing suggestion, healing empathy, or calming conversation. During several after birth visits, she may offer Deep Seeing, placenta care & art, belly binding, lactation advice, a foot bath, a prepared meal…or she may simply hold a space for tears. She nourishes the parents through every engagement.

The Birth Sherpa provides a unique channel through which the Mother & Father can see themselves very clearly. In order for her to show up in this way, she also highly values her own self-care. She does not over-attend births, as she honors the deep breath that must be taken between birthing experiences in order for her to process & clear any fog that may otherwise affect the next birth she attends. Some ways in which she may tend to herself include but are not limited to, a strong connection & engagement with nature, spiritual bathing, journaling, conscious clearing, etc.

This is one of the most IMPORTANT pieces for a Mother to consider as she seeks support for her birth. A great question to ask potential birth support is HOW DO YOU CARE FOR YOURSELF & CLEAR YOUR ENERGY FIELD BETWEEN BIRTHS? When you invite someone into your Sacred Birthing Space you want to make sure they understand what it means to truly "Take Care." How can one take care of you if they don't foster this within themselves?

How is a Birth Sherpa different from a doula?

A Birth Sherpa supports the Mother & Partner from pre-conception through the early stages & months of BECOMING a Mother/Father, while a Birth Doula will often meet with a Mother/Partner towards the end of pregnancy, attend your birth, & then check in with you briefly in the days following birth.  A Birth Doula holds priceless value, so this is not a debate about that...but Birth Sherpas are different in that they offer a more Integrated, Wholistic, Biodiverse, & long term experience for the family in order to nurture absolute trust, bond, & Birth Dream alignment among all invested in entering the Sacred Birth Space.

She does not merely give you practical details & show up to your birth, but she carves out conscious time to sit with you & walk with you throughout your pregnancy. She provides Practical, Magical, & Radical Childbirth Preparation, Inner & Outer Birth Support, & Continuous Soul Care as you BECOME after birth. Her understanding is that to heal the wounds that modern birth culture is causing on our planet, a Mother must take time to be with herself, her partner, and her baby introspectively before her womb is ripe & continue to make this connection long after the birth has taken place. The Birth Sherpa sees the childbearing year as one of great measure that requires inner work in order to dissolve fear, fight or flight responses, & outdated belief systems.

She holds both the physical & spiritual experience of birth in the light of equality & she reveres the sacred role that free flowing sexual nature plays in the grand design of the Birth Experience. She considers herself to be a Birth Dream Incubator, holding you & your Birth Dreams in a sustainable Sacred Container. Her work resides in ensuring that your Inner Source of Authority is awakened & ready to meet whatever your birth will bring you. She knows that preparation for this most POTENT experience of life requires slow & steady inner work that cannot be rushed, & will spend quality time with you in order to help you Manifest the most healing & satiating Birth Journey possible.

You are entering into the most SACRED contract in all of life when you sign up to become a Mother or Father.

The Birth Sherpa is there to remind you of this & to help you remember who you are so that you move from a place of clarity and love, instead of fear & disconnect. This is not a quick route or one of paper trails, but rather a slow and steady walk through the HEARTLAND of Sacred Parenting & Partnering from the Soul.


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Betsy's Birth Sherpa Gourmet Package

This is an in-person journey together.

  • 7 x monthly (2 hour) private Deep Seeing Sessions at Betsy's Sacred Space tailored to your needs with a focus on Childbirth Preparation, practical birth knowledge, inner knowing, oracular & Shamanic Birth, body awareness, sexual healing, the Sacred Birthing Space, birth dreams & desires, birth story healing, soul preparation, & connected partnering
  • *May be attended by both parents or just the mother, but at least 3 sessions must include the Partner
  • Presence and Support at your birth & during the settling hours following birth
  • 3 x monthly (2 hour) BECOMING Sessions with a focus on nurturing the new mother and father/partner, breastfeeding support, Birth Story Processing, & Deep Seeing.

Additional Deep Seeing Sessions can be added. Placenta Encapsulation, Placenta Readings, or Lotus Birth can be added on for an additional cost.


Installment plans available upon request.