Birth Codes



☀️6 Week BIRTH STORY ILLUMINATION Online Course...




💎This is an offering for women who are ready to dive deeply into their BIRTH STORIES to gather self-knowledge & inner wisdom that will serve to ILLUMINATE their unique BIRTH CODES, HEAL past & present BIRTH TRAUMA, & help RESOLVE the collective dysfunction in the modern BIRTH CULTURE.

💎These BIRTH STORY CODES, when consciously observed & received, have the power to UNLOCK dysfunctional, unhealthy, stagnant, or painful living patterns & transmute them to self-made medicinal resources that will soothe anxious inner calamity, calm the overstimulated nervous system, awaken the conscious womb space, nurture intuitive knowing, enliven sexual energy, & upgrade DNA from a state of scarcity & survival to a state of clarity & 'thrival.'

*This personal transmutation simultaneously rewires the collective birth culture on our planet at this time from one of fear to one of love. This parallel rebirth may feel personally subtle, but on a energetic planetary level, the inner work one does with BIRTH STORY MEDICINE has a HUGE ripple effect.*


This course is for women who DESIRE to:

🌸HEAL from traumatic birth experiences
🌸SPEAK openly about BIRTH STORY happenings
🌸DEEPEN intimacy & sexual expression with self and/or partner POST BIRTH by reclaiming the LOVER energy
🌸BREAK self-sabotaging patterns
🌸UPGRADE archetypical existence from Victim Complex to Nobel Queendom
🌸CALL in deep, healthy, joyful, & loyal relationships to support the Mother-Self BECOMING
🌸DISCOVER Sacred Purpose & Passion through 'Mothering as the SACRED PATH'
🌸BECOME a MotherLover & break free from FALSE & SELF-DESTRUCTIVE Patriarchal Mother Programs
🌸DISSOLVE out-dated Parental Imprints passed down through genetics


This course is for you if:

🗝You are plagued with 'What If's?' or 'If Only's...' regarding your BIRTH STORY
🗝You have never felt truly heard when speaking about your BIRTH EXPERIENCE
🗝You cast blame or fault on others for your BIRTH HAPPENINGS
🗝You feel shame or guilt surrounding your BIRTH STORY
🗝You experienced a traumatic BIRTH
🗝You experienced the BIRTH of your dreams but feel shame or guilt to speak joyfully about your BIRTH BLISS
🗝You feel stuck in a 'fog of heaviness' surrounding your MOTHER SELF
🗝You feel numb & indifferent towards your sexual energy in the wake of BIRTH
🗝You experience your sexual energy minimally & fear that becoming a mother has jeopardized your 'sexiness'
🗝You feel you are slipping away from life as a result of your BIRTH & BECOMING A MOTHER
🗝You find yourself caught in trauma/drama vortexes far too often as a MOTHER
🗝You feel your BIRTH EXPERIENCE happened to you
🗝You fear you will have repeat traumatic BIRTH HAPPENINGS with future pregnancies
🗝You weep frequently, but can't put your finger on the cause, or tear up when you meander too close to BIRTH MEMORIES
🗝You find it challenging to tap into your "MOTHER'S INTUITION"
🗝You are living the question of "Who am I NOW?" since giving BIRTH but find it difficult to live the answer or decipher the next best step
🗝You suffer from POST BIRTH anxiety & experience chronic sadness that you cannot curb
🗝You fear diving into your BIRTH STORY & unlocking your BIRTH CODES

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