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Birth Sherpa | Deep Seer | Soul Memory Whisperer | Sacred Listener | Medicinal Story-Teller | Mystical Mother | Energy Medicine Pioneer | Ancient Visionary | Magical Being

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Betsy is an Energy Medicine Pioneer, Birth Sherpa, Deep Seer, Soul Memory Whisperer, Sacred Listener, Medicinal Story-Teller, & Mystical Mother. She is passionate about Full Body Awakening, Conscious Conception, Birth Journey Evolution, Sacred & Conscious Relationship, & Earth-based ORGASMIC Living.
She has devoted her path to REMEMBERING, RECLAIMING, & RETURNING to Love.
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Betsy's background includes a nature based childhood that shape-shifted into an early love for music, theater, art, and the magical unseen. During her early 20's, Betsy's passion for play & off the beaten path Being led her to question everything she had ever known as truth. The birth of her daughter Kristina opened Pandora's box, & it is with pleasure that she now lives & breaths & moves from her inner realms of womb wisdom, primal knowing, & soul memory. Her sacred work is holding space for others to connect in with their Juicy Root System & awaken their own source of Inner Authority!

Betsy is an on-going student of life, continually taking part in Out-of -the-Box radical education that serves the evolution of her soul & the healing of the planet. The following paths have led her to where she resides now, at the center of her being:

  • Mother of 2 Magical Children, Kristina (7 yrs.) & Galileo (3 yrs.)
  • In Conscious & Sacred Partnership with Josko Huljev for 9 years
  • 2 year study at East Carolina University immersed in the BFA Musical Theater Program
  • Graduate of the University of Chapel Hill NC with a BA in Dramatic Art
  • 3 year Apprenticeship in the Art of Sacred Clothing & Body Consciousness at Sofia's
  • 8 year Owner & Visionary of Mother Chi Birthing
  • 7 year Journey with Birthing From Within as an Advanced Mentor & Doula
  • Over 100 births attended between 2010 & Now (2017)
  • Certified Sacred Pregnancy & Postpartum Mentor
  • 6 years of experience working with Placenta Magic through Encapsulation, Art, & Readings *Training through Placenta Benefits Inc.
  • 2 year global study on Womb Wisdom & Awakening with a focus on Sexual Healing as it relates to Birth, Life, & Death with The Fountain of Life.
  • 8 years of experience offering DEEP SEEING, Betsy's very own uniquely crafted GIFT to the world.
  • Co-Owner & Collaborative Being at Awakening the Mother Mind