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Various experiences & epiphanies led to AWAKENING the GREAT BIRTHER & Prosperous Being withIN me, but a near death experience became the initiation of ALL initiations, pushing me across a threshold into the Mystical & Holy Land that is the Sexual Energy flowing FREELY through the Conscious & ALIVE Human Being.

Before that, FLOW STATES weren’t always so easily accessible.  In fact, it took years of deep inner inquiry, growth through trial-and-error, struggle in my relationship, & dark nights of the soul to finally discover what was holding me back...

Once I realized the Saboteur was animating my life & became aware of all the ways this Archaic Shadow was unconsciously affecting everything from intimacy with my partner to my relationship with my children… I could finally take FULL responsibility for creating something new.

So I redesigned my Personal Hologram for Effortless Flow, Creative Expression & Sensual Aliveness by embracing the GREAT BIRTHER archetype {a NEW Archetype}– and it radically shifted the quality & trajectory of my life.

Drawing from Leading-Edge Experiential models, Womb Wisdom, Aboriginal Mindfulness, Pranayamic & Mythic repatterning, Shamanic-Visioning processes, & Ancient Ceremonial modalities, it’s with abundant Joy that I now facilitate others in upgrading their holograms, too.


If you’re TRULY ready for deep & lasting transformation, explore the TRANSMUTATIONAL offerings available here.

My encouragement is to trust your intuition...

Your life will never be the same!

Your Luminary Growth Partner,

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Betsy Huljev
Womb Consciousness Mentor

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